Halloween Support

Well, the season is upon us
It’s come round too fast again
And while the lucky ones are ready;
we others feel the strain

All that planning, all that scheming
but we’re left sad and distraught
So we come in - howling, screaming
Needing Halloween Support

And we try to help each other out
Give useful hints and tips
Some even post on Twitter
links to favourite YouTube clips

Some, alas, are beyond our aid
It’s harsh, but must be said
that we’ve a fair few zombies
who’ve been far too long undead

They’ve lost the taste for menace
for flesh and all things foul
They sit there in our meetings
and grumpily just scowl

We’ve vampires who are toothless
and boy, are they quite glum
But they’re fangful for small mercies;
we’ve blood-flavored bubblegum 

We’ve spooks who’ve lost the urge to fright
Spirits who are too low
Souls who’ve got a bit too heavy
Ghouls who are too slow

We’ve monsters, far too kindly
to be let loose on the street
and a rather friendly bogeyman
who’s such a joy to meet

We’ve a happy band of specters
and banshees who can’t wail
And an opera phantom who can’t sing;
that’s such a sorry tale

We’ve a devil who’s lost his detail 
A headless ghost who’s under-sliced
and the saddest of our little clan
is a tidy poltergeist

But while each of us have problems
I’d like to make it clear...
that thanks to Halloween Support
we could all be back, next year


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<Deleted User> (13762)

Fri 20th Oct 2017 09:04

some groan out loud one liners in there David and all good fun. Thanks for posting and good luck with the therapy. Col.

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