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People who do not have all the answers

instead are looking for solutions

People who allow others to find their path

instead of trying to drag them down theirs

People who love and share and dare

To be part of the unknown world

We live in. 

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Haiku Prunus Spinosa

A decade old now,

Those Blackthorn whips I planted.

Hope will come with Spring.

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Be nicer

As I watch the news I see a similar trend.
Many mass-shooters with one common thread.
Felt shunned by their peers
for many a year.
So, if you are kind
you surely will find
a life filled with many friends.

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Improvise. Plagiarise?

Looking for some poem to plagiarise

Pretend I made it up before your eyes

Got to be profound with deepest meaning

Tell you that it all came through dreaming

Or through transcendental meditation

Perhaps even via drugs or medication

Still I cannot seem to find rhyme or reason

Is adapting one of my own poems treason?

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Should we spend our time just looking back?
And replay our lives all painted black?
Should we say 'What if's...?' or 'If only... '
To explain why we are sad and lonely?

So do not be angry with the past.
Try making your contentment last.
Don't be impatient. Do not fret.
And with the life you've led don't be upset.

So don't be cross. Don't be a quitter,
And of what has happened do not b...

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Stuart VannerRetrospectionHopeLooking back

Being Perfect!!!

You don't need to be Perfect,

You don't need to be the Best,

Just a Better version of Yourself,

Every Single Day...

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If Love Were Simple

If LOVE were simple then, for sure

We'd know the blessings it truly bestows:

We'd rid our life of sad refrains, begot of earthly woes;

Our wholesome love remaining ever pure.


When virtue lies in every thought and deed,

Or promise of a future time be met.

Then likewise your sweet kisses or your warm embrace

Would seal the bargain and, God speed,

There would be no cause ...

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Love PoetryLoveHopeFaith


We made a blood oath...

and yet the promise of it dissipated with the conversation I often expected.


As much as I’d love to over-describe, as some might expect me to, the weight of how I feel while concocting the narratives of Univerza, my writings mislead me.


I might say the campfire stories I told, which wrote themselves, are but a light in a pitch forest as I meander away ...

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I want to drape the page

with memories, love

with wandering thoughts and

painful regret


I want to wonder

what I could be, and would

if I took my words and

made them come true


or is that unwise?

to wish for a change 

for the dreams to leave my mind

and join the sunlight around me


I want to climb the tallest mountains 

and trees

I would fall i...

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If I believe in me,

I can be anything,

I ever want to be,

Swiftly soaring through the sky,

Flying my way that high,

Gently touching horizons unseen,

If I believe in me.


Maybe dive into waters so pure,

Laugh with dolphins,

Solve mysteries unknown,

I can feel the deepest pits,

If only I believe in me.


Forgetting all my darkest fears,

Ignoring all thos...

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Nature's Wedding

Let the melodious song

of the numerous creatures

that reside here with us along,

in the lands and the skies

guide our light feet.


Step forward,

and bathe in the light of the sun.

As she blesses our love

and ignites our skins and soul.

In this bittersweet moment, 

tinged sour by all that could have been,

should have been ours,

let us surrender our hearts


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Two souls

Two independent souls
Separated by land
Sky's apart from each other
Each in their homeland

Two souls searching
For what they had seen
In the world of their desires
That they saw in their dreams

Two souls walking
Deep in the night
Lost in the darkness
Searching for their light

Two lonely souls
Wishing to the starts
Asking for a way
To heal their scars

Two souls wanting
To f...

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Vo baat abhee aadhee hee hai!

Vo baat abhee aadhee hee hai,
ye baat tumhen bataanee hai.

Haan doob raha hai vo nabh mein par,
shaam abhee bhee baakee hai.

Chal din dhal jae baat nahin,
yah raat abhee bhee baakee hai.

Vo baat abhee aadhee hee hai
ye baat tumhen bataanee hai.

Chal kaam tera, vo kaam sahee
bolee toone har baat sahee par,

Udadhi ke us darpan mein tujhe
teree chhavi dikhaanee hai.

Vo baat ab...

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Jitendra Suryavanshideep poemhope

New horizon

For a long time
I was living without living
Hiding within myself
In the world I was dreaming

But I can't dream forever
That's something I forgot
Something I dismissed
While I was deep in my thoughts

And then I woke up
For first time in a while
I got free from the dreams
Where I was in exile

And I cannot describe
The feeling of awakening
The feeling of life
Is breathtaking


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Ocean Mind

Inside the mind
Like the deep blue sea
A bottomless ocean 
Where thoughts run free 
Thinking of a guys
But it feels so wrong
A feeling of guilt 
The thoughts are too strong 
A hidden secret
A self inflicted lie
Not true to oneself 
But don't know why
A locked treasure chest
Waiting to be found
A mouthful of words
But the lips are bound 
Sifting through sand
In the hope of a find

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Waiting For My Nobody

Tired souls sigh together,

lovers have given up on getting better,

but I will continue to stay with the withered tree until the end of times.

We have exchanged the word 'forever'

and thus I will patiently wait untill we are back together.

I will wait for you, my Nobody,

until my body cannot anymore.

Until my body decays

and my bones slip into Mother's embrace.

Even then...

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Meet Me By The Shore

A sequel to Walking Down To The Lake

There she is, a former glow 
that once filled a room the moment 
she granted it with her presence, 
a memory of what used to be.

The frigid air blowing through the trees 
on this winter night reminds us 
that the warmth we used to know 
left us long ago.

What would it take 
but a grasp of her hand, 
an inviting smile, a long embrace 
to shake ...

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Children Of Paradise

This night with you and me

The pale moon

Besides the overtaking clouds

And the occasional drizzles

Here and there...


Our memories distant

And Closed

Even with the shadows of hope

And despair within our little fights

Like the children of Paradise


Time had played with us

Or we had spoiled it…

Yet tonight I can see you there

Alone with my memories


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love sonnethope


I’ve peeled off my skin for you 

I’ve let you crunch my bones,

Consume beyond my flesh

Beyond my visceral tissues

Beyond my beating heart

Beyond the fibres of my being

Down to my soul

I’ve let you gobble up my spirit

I’ve let you slurp up my mind

Lick the lasting crumbs

of my emotions

Everything in me

Everything making me, me

All that constructs me


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Before The Revolution

Angry nights of solitude

Blank faces of nightmares

Voiceless pain of memories

Everything is so crucial


Everything is so fine tuned

With each others like the

Ecosystem in and around

All are in perfect harmony


And I alone lonely along with my

Broken dreams and failed desires

Fractured faiths and buried beliefs,

Like the hermits walking on


Time h...

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Engraved Insecurities

I spend sleepless nights
Rehearsing the
Bold confident smile
Which lasts
Till I glance at
The palm of my hand
With a list of

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Spirit Of Freedom

I see the flag
Bright colors
Swaying tall and proud and
Remember that it is smeared
With the blood
Of the hundreds of thousands
Who bought the Freedom
At a heavy cost
Their selfless sacrifice
To make India a sovereign

Is this all what Freedom is about?
Isn't Freedom Subjective
And a lot more than
Stop bowing to a foreign rule?

Freedom to come out
Of the shackles of Bondage
Of P...

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Romanticizing Poverty

A ragged boy
Picking up garbage
A malnourished girl
Carrying around
Her brother
A family of five
With patched up clothes
Lonlely old man
Sipping on a cigar
Group of workers
Doing manual labor

A smile
Caught on Camera
Doesn't prove a thing
A smile
Frozen on a
Framed photograph
Doesn't convey the truth

They may not have everything
But they are the happiest
-The world's best l...

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Flame-Licked Heels

I’ve been working on

Coming back from

The dead

Realising reality

Living in this world

Becoming me

I don’t have to know who I am

But I must know that I am

I am, I am, I am

I don’t have to know what I am

To deserve to be

I’m working on being,

Just being

Because I’ve been existing

Mindless, automatic, numb

Best autopilot, me

Coming back from the dead


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We go through life trying to fulfill

By feeling full

It’s easy to live in comfort and abundance

But maybe you drown,

Don’t live

And you just exist

Strip away luxury…

Could you be with just yourself,

And basic needs?

With only your thoughts for company?

Because we go through life trying to fulfill

By feeling full

We consume with our mouths

Pack, squeeze, cram...

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Keep to the Right Path

Whenever you start to fret or worry,
If you feel impatient or in a hurry.
And you realise that you may be stuck
Walking your path of dreadful luck.

You feel despondent and dejected,
And by the whole world quite rejected.
Then you may ponder and you may think,
How much lower can my despair sink.

But can you just step off this road?
Can you set your mind to a cheerful mode?
Your view o...

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Stuart VannerHopeDespair

The Deep Secret

she was talking in undertone

like the old hermits of the

Buddhist Monastery


not to prove any algorithm

or to put forward hypothesis

of social revolution


she was there with her

gentle smile and her bare arms

moving like gentle breeze


not like the smiling  bureaucrats

shaking the cold hands

before the secret deals


she was looking around


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