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Overnight Stay

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Overnight Stay


“Time for bed” they said,

In a front room warmed by coal fire licks

Where the red and orange and white flames

Danced patterns on the walls of falling dusk

They push, cajole, entice you to the stairs

And do not notice terror tears welling in your eyes


Fourteen steps up the narrow stairwell

Tracing fingers on a pale wallpaper wall

Festooned with or...

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Grandma, You'll Always Be Here

Grandmas are always there,
They're like your parents
But no hundred yard stare
They give you biscuits 
And ruffle your hair
Grandmas are always there
Grandmas are always fair
"I didn't do it"
"Not me, I wasn't there"
Then it's all forgotten 
With ne'er a care
Grandmas are always fair
Grandmas, they always care
From a big fat lip
To a hospital sca...

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How can an arch hold

the weight of a boulder,

Bowed over, not groaning?

It was the same with her shoulders.

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