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Knocking On My Door

I am pro any religion that advocates harming no others or taking a life

Protecting the innocent, nurturing the lost and protecting wildlife

They come to my front door, knock, knock, knock for my attention

A personal invitation right from my doorstep to join their congregation

And generally the same question they are consistently asked by me

“I think all killing is wrong, tell me, do...

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Transcendent Love

Dear Lord, please find me 

somebody to love.  

God replied, no, 

not just one love. 

I give you an ocean 

of eternal love 

found only in faith, 

poetry and music. 

From this special place, 

you will find love 

like you have never known,

from kindred spirits

around the world, 


space and time, 

to give you a glimpse 

of the divine. 



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To That Special Someone

[ ] 1 + 1 = 2.

[ ] That shiny bright star equates to you.

[ ] That circle full of life that wonderful loop.

[ ] That beautiful flower that blossom & grew.

[ ] Low to the ground you will never stoop.

[ ] But high to the sky you will always shoot.

[ ] Praise & glory to the righteous & truth.

[ ] May the Universe bless, shield, & guide you.

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companionshiplovepraisesomeone special

Blissful Cliché

Follow your bliss so they say,

many a truth spoken in cliché

Do something to amaze you,

inaction really is so passé

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Christmas Wishes 2020

My wish this Christmas 

is faith replaces fear.


Loneliness gives way 

to cheer. 



trumps despair. 


Children play

in open air.


Loss is not in vain.


Love spreads faster 

than a pandemic train.


Wishes multiple. 


Glimpses of paradise 

in every day life, 

remind us why 

we are alive. 


# # #

What’s your ...

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the tattered old man on Christmas Eve

the tattered old man on Christmas Eve


snow was falling hard

as the old man struggled

through the deep drifts

on the country road


light shone from a

a farmhouse window

the old man smiled seeing the glow


it was a candle

the widowed mother had placed there

nightly since last Christmas Eve


a year ago

a man was found

frozen along this same road


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christmaswidowed motherold mancountry roadgood deedslove

Life Comes To This

Love is flowing down these blood-washed streets.
We are not done.
You put us out yet cannot put us out.
You have not won.

Hate hopes to overpower
Yet is weak
For Freedom's spirit cannot be contained
By anything.

We are not crushed nor wilted
Nor alone
We are not bowed nor beaten
Nor undone

Listen, for we still are brave to speak
Words will be waged
Look, for we still carry our ...

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Beyond Trying

Try, try and try again can be oh so trying

Endlessly trying, yet never really achieving

“At least I gave it a go, I tried” is wishy washy

Trying is hardly committing, whatever may be

Trying offers an opt-out clause at some point

“Giving it a try” guaranteed to disappoint


Any road to achievement in life is rarely linear

Which way forward oftentimes a little unclear

Got ...

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Night On A Rainbow

arches and keystone

without one they fall

life sustained by you

or I had nothing at all


skies at time of damp

arch of hues on show

feast with brittle rays

grist for my rainbow


refraction bends light

you twisted my heart

with love's pot of gold

vowed we'd not part


rainbow but an illusion

your promise the same

capricious the crescent

not ho...

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Best Friend

On my darkest days you have been my light

You have helped me to shine bright 

Always telling me that I belong

Always reminding me that I am enough

When my heart it blue

You are my glue

Nothing can describe the bond between me and you

You always see me through

Thank you for being my best friend, my sister, and simply you 


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best friendlovesisterconnectionbondhappinesslightshinebright

Souls Remember

What is it about you that captivates me, 

leaves my heart with a gaping hole. 


You stay at bay, 

but your muse has much to say.


Your poetic love shines, 

creating a portal in time. 


We share a cosmic kiss,

before falling into life’s abyss.


Souls remember,

what the mind forgets.

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He looks out of the open window 

at the end of the street,

cold and grey it seems like melancholy 

& there she stands afar

calm and still,

like the depths of the ocean waters;


as the time slips and the 

night sky drops on this world,

the moon shines bright as ever 

envied, as it looks at her glaring eyes,

radiating without the help of another star 

like firefl...

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The Universe Hears

Energy we put out into the Universe

Boomeranging back at us in reverse

Negativity ensuring more negativity

Positivity ensuring more positivity

This eternal choice for humanity

Time to take personal responsibility

Attending to thoughts and what we say

They create our reality every single day

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Internal Liberty

Think deeply about your ideal utopia

Designed from life’s eternal cornucopia

Perfection as you always secretly dreamt

Going to bed at night in deepest content


Finally be honest with yourself here and now

Invest quality time in an internal powwow

Cutting straight through the trivial and fake

Clearly seeing the path you need to take


Need to find that dream to make i...

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The melodic grass

This music,

it makes me want to fall from the water

float in the sky,

stare at those lips

and kiss those green eyes,

drink from the clouds

and jump on the pond

to feel the stars

and gaze at the stones,



the rythms , the notes

melt my mind

ignite my visible voice

I'm not here nor there

maybe inside a void


floating on the blues

maybe its a d...

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No Doubt

What if we could have no doubt

What if we could all just look at this world through a child’s eyes

What if we could share our life’s without being judged

Let energies meet and collide 

Trust that people won’t hurt you 

Trust that people won't see you for the crazy human you are but instead for the new beautiful soul you’ve become 


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self loveworldcarehumanitylifelovewhat others think

Kiss Me

Kiss me
  in the strawberry fields 
  of your mind.

Kiss me
  in rhythm 
  and rhyme.

Kiss me 
  until darkness 
  becomes sunshine.

Kiss me
  from pain
  to pleasure divine.

Kiss me
  through sands 
  of time.

Kiss me
  beyond death
  to life sublime.

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you wanted it so I went on the scent,

you said it made you feel like a queen,

Christmas at that Knightsbridge store,

most expensive emporium I'd ever seen


perfume is fine when embellished by love,

every atom of the odour a tender reminder 

of loving moments with your chosen one

with whom you couldn't wish to be kinder


it's when the passion cools and she waltzes o...

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TheTime Is Precisely Now

Think about what you ate yesterday for lunch

really focus on it with all the power of your mind.

See it and feel it.

Strongly imagine you can taste it.

The flavours stimulating your taste buds.

The aroma filling your senses.


Next bring to mind a favourite childhood meal. Something you looked forward to every single time you knew it was on today’s menu.

In the same way, pi...

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They cause us pain and yet we pretend
That it's love 
love that will win in the end
Are we so blind by the challenge 
Creating a false sense to feel valid
To remain blind is a choice we carry
Self worth cast aside and buried
So we can hold on just a little longer
The random good times
Make us feel stronger
You really loose your sense of self
In a set of cards you chose to delt
So if pa...

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loveuncertaintyrandom thinking

A Ghost Of Christmas Past


Granda's slouched 

In his fave comfy chair

A Christmas cracker party hat

Hides his four strands of hair


His wife always said:

'Get the buggers cut!'

But he wasn't quite ready

To be a total baldy nut! 


He wishes she was here now

Nagging at full pelt:

'If ye eat or drink one more thing,

yer gonna burst your belt!'


And Sophie's eyes sparkle


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Narcissus V Phoenix

Narcissus creatures surround me.
Vultures, pecking at my serenity.
Testing my resolve.
Threatening to consume me.
Daring me to break free,
from a doomed mentality. 

Do I close my eyes to injustice
permeating our atmosphere,
like The Great Smog?


I spread my Phoenix wings.
Rise above the toxic darkness.
Bring forth healing light.
Spread peace, kindness, love.

Never give up ...

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apathydepressiongrowthhealinglightlovemindsetnarcissismpeacephoenixspiritualitytoxic relationshipsvultureszen


I would like my naked toes to caress a field of poppies

to dance; a fine expression of freedom and happiness.

to look up at the clear blue skies

and listen to the sound of singing birds

in the midst of wonderful harmony.

For time to stand still, a chance to inhale

To truly take in life, and the precious moments it can hold.

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danceGeneralinspirationallovereal life

Chitter Chatter

Chitter chatter please cease

Give the world some peace

Inane pointless natter

Gossip radio patter

Careless words spoken

Constant stream unbroken

Robotic online meetings

Texted unfeeling greetings

“How RU, RU well?”

Feels like I’ve died and gone to hell!

Can we not really talk anymore?

Truly communicate…I implore!

Look past the superficial

Surely will be benef...

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Rhododendrons And The Hudson River

Unexpected botanical specimens appreciated as we wait

Rhododendrons growing wild, well untamed at any rate

We want to see it after dark, adding textures, night views

Navigated Hell’s Kitchen, towards our Liberty Cruise

Flowers near the ferry office, she takes photos up close

Standing back I admire her, a poem in my head I compose


The tour starts, Liberty awaiting our pleasur...

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next door neighbor



made me feel something

Something I've been trying to avoid for awhile now.




made me feel safe.

Made me feel loved.

Made me feel like the only girl in the world


In your arms, no bad could happen.

In your arms, I was safe.

In your arms, I was loved. 


This unfamiliar feeling made me uneasy

Made me doubtful

Made me question everythi...

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So Easily

her smile came so easily

before I could even blink,

she made my heart race

brought me to the brink


dress slipped off so easily

mysore silk of jade green,

the body of a svelte and

molten Myanmar queen


her love given so easily

from a brimming chalice,

no passion ever rivalled

what oozed from Alice


slipped away so easily

with barely a mumur,


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easilysmiledresslovejade greenVenusBurmacrime

Perceptions Of Reality

Our perception of reality

Our place in the world

Reality bubbles

Peering outward

From fathoms deep within


Sometimes overnight

Maybe a lifetime

Or more than one

Dismantle our own bubble

Take a good long look at you


Then the world

Created around and within us

Transformation underway


Awakening from spiritual amnesia




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Mistletoe In The Cellar

conceived in a cellar, of

a Tommy home on leave,

mother waving mistletoe,

shortly she would grieve


official dad inert upstairs

exempt due to his arches,

Tommy back to trenches

bullets or forced marches


killed in action in the mud

in my blood's a war hero,

official dad a profiteer,

moral fibre less than zero


the duality in mistletoe,

fertile of ...

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Advent 2020

Image courtesy of Marilylle Soveran and Flickr; Creative Commons.




Hard to believe that it's December and we're coming to the end of a year that has presented many challenges. In the Christian tradition, candles are lit for Advent, representing hope, love, joy, peace, and the light of the world. This year we're waiting for vaccines, an end to lockdowns and tiers and I've tried to ...

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It's A Choice

Love is a tricky thing 
Working hard to bring
Two people together
But time shows
True colors sadly
Become normality 
Some don't see
What they sacrifice 
Continuing to give up
Their want's their needs
All to keep the peace
Not to displease
The one they say they love
Letting go of some
Isolating the ones
You miss
Dont dismiss
The feeling that dw...

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lovepersonal journeyrandom thoughts

The Possible Image

“Labels can make or break us”

The topic for today “discuss”


“Good boy you’ve eaten all your dinner!”

Early learning, clear my plate and I’m a winner

“You’ve got to look smart to visit Nana and Grandad”

Ahh, so wearing my pyjamas all day then is bad?


“Pay attention in class, stop sitting there daydreaming”

How can imagination be wrong, my inner voice is screaming


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Roots of Love

Roots of Love

Ones moon rises as the others descends.

The Sun brings their identity as they unlock their worlds.

One gusts into the world as Air.

One ignites into the world as Fire.

One love’s expressing through intellectuality!

One’s motivated by inspirations and aspirations!

The moon is the Soul of their identities.  

One’s Soul reacts to experiences,

with discernment ...

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In The Moonlit Night

I wished I could talk to the stars
As I walked alone in the moonlit night,
The light of the passing by cars,
Enhanced the beauty of the sight.

I sat down on the grass by the street
To add a few pages to my old sketchbook.
But you suddenly came to meet,
Perfectly letting me off the hook.

Now I walked with you
To live the best day of my life.
Everything began anew
The moment you asked...

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Composition of Intimacy

Compostition of Intimacy

With fears of eternal solitude, I called truce.

Obstacles fill the atlas of our hearts, 

distracting our impressions of exquisite Love.

Our painful beliefs insist we reprieve our minds,

voiding our previously learned doctrines of romance.

Phobias of Love furiously traveled the hourglass of our lives.

Chaos constrained our philosophy of enchantment,


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Giving Tuesday

Forget Black Friday.

Cancel Cyber Monday.

Go Giving Tuesday! 

How can we focus on material things,

superficial gifts,

when children are starving,

sick, neglected, abused, 

need clean water to drink...

If 2020 has taught us anything,

it is to see more clearly, 

appreciate what we have, 

lend a helping hand. 

Together we rise above mediocrity, 

spread love in o...

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