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Mambo Moment

We interrupt our program 
to bring this important 

Amid the chaos and confusion,
be on the lookout for a  
a mambo moment, 

where you suddenly break 
into song and dance, 
forget your cares, 
live in the moment, 
feel the rhythm of life. 

A mambo moment often appears 
out of nowhere, at the most 
unexpected time.

Those around you may think
you lost your mind,

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I was urged by the higher power to express my self through creativity
So I painted and drew and wrote out my thoughts
As I did I let my mind wonder
Naturally I was thinking of you and how absence makes the heart fonder

The waves of pure love flowing right through me
Knowing that you're a child of God and you were sent to me
The magnetic attraction between us I struggle to describe
Knowing y...

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Love is...

Love is peace

That burns with desire,

The passion can char your soul.

Love is free

And the payment required,

To give and to embrace a soul


Love is blind

It sees into your heart

At the kindness, the beauty within. 

Love is hope

That despairs when we part

And yearns for your arms to return


Love is calm

It torments the head

It breaks and it shatters...

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Eyes met mine

lips divine

A smile effervescent like sparkling wine

Confident, sweet, real, insightful

Uninhibited, masculine

Unabashedly delightful


Inspiring, sexy, intolerably appealing

Bewitchingly my heart he is stealing

Without realizing, I am totally lovestruck

There is no hope for me, I am thoroughly f@*ked.

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River that flows in you

On a flowing river,

Crossing by the Mosis,

Trying to carry out a dozen of pain.

Felling again in your thoughts,

Smelling of the roses,

Standing by your side in your arms.


Would you like,

To me my life,

Crossing the might just for you.

Would you hold and be my soul,

Crossing the river that flows in you.


She said would you hold me,

God has just called me...

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heartlossloveriversoulmatestroubled heart

After the Pandemic

After the pandemic, 
I hope we remove our masks, 
find more reasons to smile, 
forgive faster, 
have more patience, 
keep the faith, 
help each other however we can. 

Gather more, 
hug more, 
kiss more, 
remember what we're here for, 
live, laugh, love.

I hope you find strength 
to move your mountains, 
courage to carry on, 
seize every opportunity 
to live the After now. 


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Only The Shadow Of Her Face

Oh, then we were inseparable

Nothing could keep us apart

Nights and days we revelled

We shared one loving heart


She's gone now, taken so quick

I watch in vain for some trace

But her spirit refuses to emerge

Only the shadow of her face


Its like her soul never existed

A mirage from the day we met

Did I dream the words of love

That entrapped me in her net?


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Her Last Dance

The fading embers of her mind

Drift away to a long-ago time
To shrouded visions of some young girl
A time of wonder, a world to unfurl

Through fields she would dance humming a tune
Losing herself amidst the sweet scent of bloom
A fragrant-filled-feast for her lungs to consume
Within the wonderful freedom of nature's playroom

And as the shimmering Sun went down
She would dance throug...

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Love Looks Good on You

You thought love 
abandoned you,

knocked you down,
for the last time.

No music, no melody, no rhyme, 
lights out on your doe eyes. 

Lips that forgot 
how to smile.

Heart on lockdown,
soul exiled. 

Now here you are,
back on the wagon.

Your world spins again,
everything starts anew.

Glowing, singing happy tunes, 
love looks good on you.  


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The Thief of Breath and Hugs (part 1)

She'd been told with much conviction

How the window was a shield.

For outside there lurked a wicked thief

And her breath this thief would steal


But, her family stood beyond the pane 

A daughter, granddaughter & son 

Who'd send out smiles like rays of light

And through the glass they'd come


She blows them kisses, and shakes her fist

In case this thief's about


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Rain Doesn't Matter Now

We were full of ourselves in those days

Life was a treasurehouse of pleasure

We had our fill of the world's offerings

And took its ripened fruit at our leisure


Rain doesn't matter now you're gone

Nothing seems important anymore

We madly moaned about the weather

The God-given gale onto the shore


But our love took it all for granted

Selfishness was the order of t...

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Love is like the sky on a rainy day trying to show the sun

the sun peaking in the sky waiting its turn 

they fight until one of them has won 

once the fight is won it all is forgotten 

what the fight was about has faded and the rainbow appears

giving beauty to the grounds exterior. 

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Maybe Next Time

Maybe next time,

I will get it right, 

put up more of a fight, 

won’t settle,

take control of my life. 

Maybe next time, 

I will find fortune and fame,

learn how to play the game.

Maybe next time,

I will see it through, 

know the right thing to do.

Maybe next time,

you will love me,

as much as I love you. 


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What is Pure Love?

entry picture

Ujjal Mandal,  India


Love the one

Who loves you much, 

Don't love the one 

Whom you love much. 

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The Poetry King

A bow to The Poetry King,
who thinks he doesn't 
mean a thing 
in the grand scheme.

Wears his heart 
on stained sleeve,
makes paupers feel
like royalty.

Waxes poetic about 
life, love, and history
that would otherwise remain 
unsolved mysteries.

More than just a dream,
The Poetry King
lives eternally,
in you and me. 


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For you

When crowds disappear and the sun never sets

When shadows fall further behind you

When Christmas lights shine like my heart in my chest 

Bathed in the splendour, I will find you


As each day breaks and when night shines black

And the stars dance brightly before you

As each touch shivers, the souls of the lost

In the eyes of an angel, I will see you


From the depths ...

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The Look Of You In Love

if beauty is the keystone of women

from Cleopatra to Helen of Troy

you beat them into a cocked hat

the way yours generates such joy


its just a miracle of modern science

how every feature fits hand in glove

like rainbows and stars combined

in that ineffable look of you in love


you were always out in the front rank

from those early days of teenage bloom

but wh...

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Transference and its counter

Am I making an impression...

Do I leave you bewildered with every expression...

Do you look forward like I do to our weekly sessions...

Or are my scribbled musings akin to aggression... 

An unbecoming, pathetic vie for attention...

I find you delightful and have a genuine fascination...

I am curiously eager, feelings bordering on intoxication.


But, apparently in therapy t...

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Love Lost

As I love,
So I wish to be loved,
As I care,
So I wish to be cared for,
As I tolerate,
So I wish to be tolerated,

I could go on.........

But all these are simply words,
Words with elusive meangs,
And vague interpretations,
And no meaning at all to those who choose not to listen,

To write about love means nothing,
To talk about love means nothing,
Love is an action, a reaction,

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Depressionlosslovelove lostsad

Thanks you for the memories

As I stepped into adolescence
I used to spend hours, daydreaming,
the perfect love, the perfect life
walks among raindrops
slow stepped waltz
piggyback rides and, winks caught off guard.

Then, life happened.
the zest for life, escaped from the windows of the mind
the daydreams,  stayed dreams
belief in love simply vanished

Then you came along
with careless sweet talks
toothy grins ...

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