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One of my favorite games 
to play as a child 
was seeing shapes 
in the clouds: 

Dogs, cats, 
elephants, giraffes, 
airplanes, unicorns... 

It was one of the 
few pleasures 
of my childhood. 

As I grew up, 
I began to see 
scarier things:
Dragons, demons, 
torn hearts,
flaming arrows... 

Now in the archway 
of my golden years, 
I see beauty that 
brings me to tears:


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When you can't see the bluebells 

There's cleary something wrong

Possibly something terribly wrong

If you miss the bluebells 

Your life has passed you by

My favourite flower, my favourite time

Normally waited for, longed for, at winters end

This year only spotted as they hung their heads towards their demise 

That too, almost missed

Why so, too much on, tunnelled vision ...

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Don't Give Away Your Loved Ones!

No need to give away the loved ones,
Those who are near you or far away,
And those who are almost invisible,
But very often so dear and desirable,
They come into your life as the sun ray.

When all is good and in the brightness,
Your life is burning like a fire.
Why do you worry about happiness?!
If all comes true and do not tire!

But when the evil of caustic words,
The soul sometimes hurts and cry,

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