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Practical Woman

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“To do or not to do”, her daily instruction 
I should always obey, to avoid reaction 
She believes I'll remain in a weak construction 
Wants to be retained in her falling section 


Eyes, ears and tongue, three sources to act 
Depending on brain, to judge it in the heart 
She is herself leader, no love in her chart 
“Practical in reality”, She said. This is a fact 



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Rough Patches



You told me cared,

I saw that you did,

Your trapped in your mind

and so I hid.

I see pain in your eyes

they are so dark for me.

I want to shine light on you

but you wont let yourself be free.

It hurts me darling ,

when there's rough patches on your skin,

because I've seen you soft,

and that feeling brought me in.

I love you.. darling


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