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The Future

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a week ago 

a professor asked me 

what i wanted to do with my life, 

the quesiton caught me wrong-footed; 

two decades ago

learning to walk, 

a decade ago 

learning my body, 

5 years ago 

discovering love,

3 years ago,

accepting my body

a month ago,

accepting who i am 

and now? 

thrust into the unknown,

an oblivion that teases me;

infinite doors t...

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And I want to be a better man to you mum.. .

But you just don't agree with the things I have done, while I don't agree with having

to be socially accepted I need to conform, but you don't understand. 


I live for myself in a flurried world.


Where being myself is such a crime and I can't imagine myself alive, at the thought of  cheating my own mind... 

It breaks me apart!


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