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Murderous Tears

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{Murderous Tears}


These murderous tears

follows down my cheeks 

wetting my shirt as I gently

wipe them away like the

way the did you by murdering

you in cold blooded murder

and it left me here like a

child that was orphaned 

to survive in these darkened

cold streets that the

blood stained asphalt

surrounds my feet 


But I cannot fathom 

how th...

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War Paint

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{War Paint} 



I may wear

war paint on

my face but I

will not let you

say or consider

me as a 🤡

clown because of 

my back~ground 

and my native

american culture

because many men

and women has to

put on their war

paint on their faces

before wars and

battles just like

our own military

troops does today

and they are not

to be conside...

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