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The sand was always hot

                beside the white dunes and the coarse grass


The sea was always blue

                between the black rocks and the horizon haze


The beach was always ours

                between the seagull shout and the distant crowd


We were always alone

               between the far world and our near union


We swa...

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beachdunesfutureGowermarriagesandseasouth walesswimmingWales

Forvie, March 2017

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And then the sand flowed like the tide

Shifting the land at the wave edge of the sea

A vast striated plane of drifting whirling grains:

Aged dunes lost to the wail will of the wind.

As we walked close by the sea suck and ripple

The bound beach rose and swallowed our grounded feet

We seemed to be free floating sand cloud high

In the sandsmoke drifts rushing to their...

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beachchapelcoastdunesfishermenForvieSandSand stormScotlandseavillage





I walk alone across a pale beach

at midnight, lit by shaky moonlight

reflected from the black ribs

of disturbed sea-shallows. A sharp breeze

beckons from the dunes; inviting warmth,

with duplicitous intent. My ease is not available

for casual enticement.


No, I seek a place of peaceful aloneness

where sloughing sand is my choice,

and possibilit...

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