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Two Sacred Stones

A diamond marked our betrothal

The gem sparkled bright on your finger

Then we sped to the chapel to wed

We no longer had any need to linger


Two sacred stones haunt my memories

The ring that you took to the grave

And the marble headstone above you

After that sad return to the chapel nave


Our marriage was short but blissful

We had no time even to think

About c...

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The Chapel on the Hill

We got wed there one cold rainy June

Your bouquet flew in the air like a hawk

Derelict now, mossy gravestones its guards

We've got old, and worse, rarely talk


The chapel on the hill, the chapel on the hill

Ghostly with echoes of lost joys and sorrow

The chapel on the hill, the chapel on the hill

They're pulling it down tomorrow


Three boys we raised, they're all ab...

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Forvie, March 2017


And then the sand flowed like the tide

Shifting the land at the wave edge of the sea

A vast striated plane of drifting whirling grains:

Aged dunes lost to the wail will of the wind.

As we walked close by the sea suck and ripple

The bound beach rose and swallowed our grounded feet

We seemed to be free floating sand cloud high

In the sandsmoke drifts rushing to their...

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