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The Finding of the true cross(Meskel)

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From the 4 corners of Addis
Sunday school students
At a Meskel Square make a throng
All the way beating a drum
Ululating and singing a song
With a passion strong.

"Queen Helena (Elene)
Mother of Constantine the Great
Found the true cross
Buried under
A dump-mountain long
By those who  read  Jesus
The incarnated word wrong."

"Advised by a monk
Led by an incense smoke
The whereab...

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Welcome white dove

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White dove

The hatred wall

That estranged cousins

Have begun to fall

When love

Incarnated in white dove

Started to fly high

Over Ethiopian- Eritrean sky.



White dove

You are an antidote

Border dispute to solve.



White dove

Ethiopia's port problem

Eritrea's financial-return



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Walking with water walking with love

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Walking with water


When I was a child I believed God lived in the skies.

It was the only way God could see everything

God was everywhere his proximity was frightening

I walked the mountains searching endlessly

I know I wasn’t alone in these beliefs

I’ve written fifty years and a day, written as they say

without knowing whether my words are listened to

so I walk these m...

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The gear changer

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Running out of
Oxygen, burning out
When contenders feel like
Dropping dead,
In an unexampled manner
Summoning a vestige
Of energy
Bringing into play
A new strategy,
Miruts Yifter Ethiopia's
Olympic legend
Used to surge ahead
Demonstrating a race
Is a sport of foot,lung
And head.
That is why
A commentator
Christened him
“Mirutse Yifter
The gear changer!”
“I dare say
Catching up...

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A genius taken for a dummy!

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In musical  notes composing
Ethiopia's giant
Saint Yared , irate, once
Opted to run away
From an ecclesiastical school
Dubbed by his priest teacher
An idiot and a fool
Worse still
Looked down and ridiculed
By class mates, not cool.

Desirous to  burn his boat
He Trekked past a forest
And a pool
Determined never
To see those
Who cherish to pull
Over his eyes the wool.

Tired,he took ...

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By Alem Hailu

Tearing off
Imperialists' mantle
True to his name Fidel
He had lit
To the oppressed mass
And to those in the dark
An much-needed candle.

Weighing things from
Fraternity's angle
And the truth,
Fidel was not remiss
In dispatching own troops
In far off beyonds
To fortify for freedom
Mounted battle.

Considerate Fidel had taught

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An overriding national feeling

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Derartu, Haile, Tirunesh
Kenenisa, Meseret and all
With a similar footfall!

Displaying a superb
Long-distance athletic feat
When many superstars
Awe inspiringly you beat
And as a result of it
When your sought-for
And nation- prayed-for
Dream proves a hit
And also with kudos
A stadium full of people opt
You to greet
And when spectators
Accord you a high five
It is for yo...

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Come to Ethiopia

Come to Ethiopia


If nostalgia beset your mind
Come to Ethiopia
A cradle of mankind!

Come to Ethiopia
With no hesitation
Ancient civilization
Will engross your attention!

Before identity quest
You smother
Come to Ethiopia 'cause
Lucy, your great,
Great grandmother
You could watch closer!
A melting pot of
Over 80 ethnic groups who
With cordial hospitality,
Will embrace you

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