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I’m not speaking to you today
But I get the feeling you’ve not noticed
I didn’t touch you in bed last night
But you went to sleep just the same
And this morning there’s no change
You look at me and don’t realise
That I’m not speaking to you today
Why can’t you remember why?

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Only For You

Life is precious beyond compare

Even though I no longer see you standing there


What couldn’t I help but miss?

Thoughts abound how it’s come to this


Alone and confused

Feeling mentally abused


The twinkle in your eye

That lit up the sky


The smile across your lips

That warmed me to my finger tips


The look you gave to me

That set my heart free


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Christmas Lament

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Put up the Christmas tree last night
that six foot hideous plastic thing
you said you liked, this time last year
would have got a new one, but out of respect
I saw it fit for pride of place in the left hand corner of the living room
next to the window by the fire, overlooking the snow outside
I thank God above you didn't have to drive in it
to work this year, o...

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