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Every time I think I have become enlightened and can handle anything, a new challenge shows up to test me. Whether it's toxicity in my body, family illness or death, rejection of a lover, friend, stranger, job, point of view, whatever... ego is the first to show up on the scene, like a paramedic giving CPR to revive my pride. Pride dies, only to come back a little weaker next round, like a cat wit...

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To be or knot to be

entry picture

Are we not knotted

inside out?

thread’s of thought

sew threads of doubt


to pen

to tongue

to act

or not


the knots we tie

are all we’ve



and if undone

we loose ourselves

from anchored hope

and woven lies


would we regret 

our knots had slipped

and given sight 

to blinded eyes


(for the lies we tell ourselves)


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No spring day this

entry picture

Spring like morning 

though spring is nowhere near,

idly the mountains grimly dominate.


Snow covered

yet, un-shuddering,

centuries of cold at their core 

nonchalantly passive.


The sun obliquely intrusive

battles the nights wood-burned cough,

lungs prematurely scarred 

while attempting to breathe.


The bleating of goat

not lamb,

beats back the pe...

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sin came first

sin came first

traced into tungsten ringed confinement

where a woman fluttered accomplished mumbles

offering a  freeform montage of nailed harmonic and shoddily baked

reality whilst peeing through her lowcut tights as rudimentary

precaution against the weathered discharge of wearisome love

yet still she sports a fierce grin through the endless commitment

of shapeless corners a...

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painted into a corner

I paint myself inspired, intense,

dismayed but remain just a fat old man

who can’t get laid

such a contrary slut
bathing myself in the corporate filth
served in styrofoam cups

the master of diversion

ooh look
the circus is in town

maybe now is my chance
to pull up and over and run away
with a tired old sawdust queen
sold as seen

amidst this arrid contemplation

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