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Death on the Motorway

John was killed on the motorway today

His wife was taking the kids to school

She had waved him goodbye that morning

Death came later, without any warning


They had a tentative arrangement for lunch

So they’d left their options open

And later, so the reporter said on the evening news

No other words were spoken


A boy racer cut him up so they foolishly de...

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On Taking the Early Train

A farewell to two poets that have only just passed on: Sandra Fowler and Sonya Florentino. R.I.P., dear friends.


on taking the early train


Yes, I will try to be brave
just like you'd want me to be;
here I am waiting on shared memory:

Dear old friend, where might you be?
And where is it that we have arrived:
now we're quickly fading into oft-turned pag...

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The Voice of a Quill, Now Silent

I am but the mottled bark
of a tree once firmly rooted,
peeled from its stately trunk

and within my hollow carapace
echoes an inert drumbeat
that keeps the cadence for
a march of ornate trappings

soon and sooner still, one day
this crepuscular orphelin song
resonant in its languid longing
shall surge with the rising tide

the sound of its condescencion
as i...

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A Friend of A Friend

I’m not a mourner, not even a friend

Just a friend of a friend, been asked to attend


I never knew my friend’s late friend

So it seems kind of strange that I should be here at his end


I feel out of place, not being a friend

And the tears of his loved ones mean nothing to me


I should be moved by all this emotion

But I’m starting to think: should I hav...

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My Dying Day

My dying day is noted somewhere

On the calendar of fate

There’s a little tick on the calendar

To make sure I won’t be late


Some unearthly soul awaits me

As the years tick away

There’s a little tick on that calendar

But I don’t even know the date


My Life has not always been easy

But that’s the way of life

I don’t bother checking my calendar


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A Long Life Road


Our life is a real drama

In such a colorful gamma.

Our life is just a moment,

Sometimes with a torment.

Just have enough patience

To keep good relations,

To love truly and forgive.

You won’t believe

But today I cried away.

Someone thought it was a shame,

Someone comforted, didn’t blame,

Someone said: life goes on,

Someone dies and some are ...

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the blocks of childhood

solid, set square in red brick,

yet from the start porous, lined

by a cancerous quick

so soon perished

barely noticed we chalk one up

then tally them daily

our stars of awe and wonder

in diligent swathes

until the toehold twists

and the road falls away

when the choked black

fear stacked Sunday Psalms

choose today


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I met a woman at the Blue Nile.

Our first encounter was her attempting to kiss my face. She seems to be in her mid-late fifties/early sixties. She began to tell me that she is okay, over and over again. She began to cry. She told  me her sun died. He OD'ed at 39 years old. She watched him die, with his head between the toilet and the sink. Her other sun blamed his brother's death on her. Sh...

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All his things are here (updated version)


All his things are around here, in the wardrobe and in the drawers

The man himself has gone

But all his things are here


Don’t put your things in that drawer, that’s drawer’s already in use

But it’s full of the things of a dead man

And he’s no longer here.


It’s cold out tonight, so very cold, so why don’t you use this scarf?

It’s the scarf of a dead ...

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Winter of Discontent



I walked out on a white world,
I changed within it, as the cold remembered me and let me in.
I stumbled towards the cover of the sky,
And found the corpse suspended in the liquid jar.
I bled onto the soft carpet, and the blotting paper puddle oozed
until it disappeared beneath a new layer of lies.
I was the corpse,
Was I looking at my future or my past?

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A.W. of Accrington

Well hello there,

 It has been a long old while since I last posted and lots has happened since my last post. I have a new job and am now officially a commuter which is inspiring a large amount of material as you can imagine. I have also had one or two tragic events happen which leads me to my latest entry.

 At the beginning of this month my Grandfather passed away after losing a long f...

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Sunny 8


Sunny 8

Damn yankee Mustang gonna be a real bastard and blow some krauts outa the fucking sky. Try and stop me you mothers! 50cal gunning you down, got many of your kindred by my shells. Always escape with my life. No 109 or 190 ever came close to nailing me. I'm not called Chuck Yeager! Hell no!

I was in Zemke's Wolf Pack. I died in a field near Crewe, England. No Nazi ever got m...

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p-51 mustangsunny 8ww2luftwaffeamericancrewe crash sitedeath






Walking through the narrow foreign streets he stumbles upon a corpse,

it was only curiosity that made him stop but try telling that to the gendarme.

They beat him with sticks and locked him up, ignoring his innocent pleas.

He curses himself for not taking another street, now that he awaits to hang.

It’s just another unfortunate incident...

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end of lifestranger in troubleforeign placedeath

My Blade, My Life (by Mel)


My Blade, My Life (by Mel)
With trembling hands, she reaches for her blade. She tells herself it will be the last time.
She tells herself this every time.
She never succeeded before, but will just have to now.
With the blade in her hand, she breaks out into a cold sweat.
She starts shivering and her heart beats faster.
She thrives on these feelings,
she tells herself she mus...

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deathsuicidedarknessknifecutan end of life

Something's gotten hold of my heart

For him the song took a whole new meaning,

a control that made him wish to control others.

“Something's gotten hold of my heart”

an evil, a darkness

he mused on midnight

and the encroaching demonic hours.



3am and a stereo's blazing in a stolen Volkswagen Beetle

inaudible white noise, a prerequisite

for the red mist to follow.


“He see...

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It troubled her how it had come to this –

she knew each detail, each action, each thought –

but still it troubled her.

As she fell to her knees, her woollen skirt became sodden

with freshly fallen snow.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she wept

for her lost love, gone forever from this strife-torn world.

Soon she would do the ulti...

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Sitting patiently atop his tree camouflaged

against the enemy, the sniper waits.

For three days and three nights he has waited

to do his duty for Imperial Japan.

Along the trail walks the enemy. Alert and ready

but not looking up, for this is where the sniper is,

waiting, watching, ready right now.

Levelling his gun, he takes careful aim.


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sniperimperial japan armyfar eastww2austrailiawarmendeath

poems i read at Rochdale town hall march29





Not quite sure why your death affected me so much Lynette.                                                     

Left me very upset when I found out.                                                                                              

I'd just been to Tesco’s at Greenfield for Naomi.                                                                   ...

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rochdale livelynettedeathcar crashsouth africafriendlosstrish reidhis latest flame

Arise Sir Pain


Arise Sir Pain, for it must be time you smote me again,
maybe I've had too many days out of the sun and the rain,
some change in the 'fluences that drive my pen to shriek,
will bend the moods I can portray & themes that I then seek.
Yes today a challenge is welcomed despite the ruptured peace,
tensioned tranquilities having their fevered needs to be released,

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One with the Storm and new sea themed ebook link my new sea themed ebook check it out

One with the Storm

The battered fishing boat sets out in the storm.

The crew knows that something is wrong and that someone will die.

As they pass the coast the storm savagely worsens.

Through the rain a small figure is seen atop the cliff.

All in white, a ...

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seadeathcrewgirlfishing boatstormnew ebook linksea themed poems





We lost Hugh. Flying such a beautiful little airplane in a blue desert sky, what a nice handling jet. Do what you want with her but no high speed turns too tight, might hit invisible wall in the sky. Dogfight every American jet fighter built none can beat the Mig17 Fresco. Turn on a dime, Russia did this almost right. Ultimate aggressor trainer, what better than to...

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americamigfighterrussiajetaggressortrainpilotaccidentdeathcold warsecret

One Step Ahead


One Step Ahead 

One step ahead of Imperial Japanese forces, we were kicked out of the Dutch East Indies fleeing for our lives. We escaped in Dutch Air Service Dornier 24 flying boats and others ending up at Broome, Australia. Free for now from the marauding Jap Zero fighters, they can’t catch us here!

Our Dornier is about to depart to sanctuary in southern Australia, we’re in the...

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warjapandutchaustraliaflying boatsfightersdeathpeople

Its the memories....


It is the Memories ...
Tomorrow he goes on to another stage.
He is 90 plus and feeling his age.
Sickness has taken its toll  on him
After years of survival, his body has given in.
But he has a daughter who is constant and true,
Who is always there to see him through.
Her devotion her love is all he needs
At this time when life recedes.

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Death Comes Without Warning

Death comes without warning; it steals your life away.

It takes away your loved ones, and the lights of your day.


Death comes silently; it stabs you in the back,

It reaches round behind you, then comes in for the attack


Death comes slowly; it reaches for your throat

It overwhelms you; it chokes you, before you’ve had time to put on your coat.


Death come...

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This artistic and ancient civilisation settled on these fertile slopes a millennia ago,

in peace with the land they live in complete harmony for they are not a war-faring race.

They plant crops and grow grapes on the lower slopes of the huge towering volcano,

everyone ignores the billowing clouds of steam issuing forth, they know they’re safe just as their pa...

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volcanolavadeathwiped outcivilisation

Ashes to Ashes

Love sick,
Love torn,
Love lost,
misplaced trust,
not in God,
but in us,
in I and you,
what was lust
turned so quickly
to earth scorched
red as angry rust.
There ain't no God, Mister,
there ain't no God,
but those who believe
believe in what they must
until that final day
when boxed and earthed
we will return
ashes to ashes
and dust to dust.

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loveunrequited lovefaithdeathsexlife









Then… Airplane falling wreathed in fire, ruined

bonfire dragged down by gravity to a watery grave.

Broken machine resting on the seabed, silence

reigns in Deaths’ triumph.


Now… Test Pilot Feng Yi and five of his comrades flying

air tests on red China’s brand new J11 fighter.

Saw many old planes in formation, props and je...

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THE DEATH OF AN ELDER SISTER where the light is brighter where the load is lighter where no pain can smite her

Gone to meet her Maker. where there are no tears where there are no fears where death disappears

Gone to meet her Maker.


Gone...but always in the mind leave us far behind where she'll...

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Starved to Death, for Jovonie















If only I had known

what was happening,

If only I had known

where you lived.


If only I had known,

I would have gone

into your home.

I would have

taken you out.


If only I had known,

I would have taken

you into my home.

I would have fed you.


If ...

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Sat in the back of a car – Mini Metro or Chevrolet Matiz –

just waiting for the crash. My crash part of our crash.

Pulping my flesh, tearing skin, crushing bones.

Severing my head as my unbroken left arm twitches –

nerve ending! At my eyes’ last sight.

Mini Metro comes to rest on its side, petrol pools and burns.

Other car gen...

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car crashdeathunsafe vehicles

Fate Accomplished

He was planning to go with his mates to the fair
With the money he’d saved from his newspaper rounds.
He’d promised Leanne that he’d lend her a fiver
She’d promised to sneak out a six-pack of cider.
But crossing the road on the way to the grounds
She got killed by a hit-and-run driver.

He was planning to bike round the Cape of Good Hope
With the money he’d made from a day at th...

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lifedeathironymince pies





Hurricane fighter plane dives through clouds towards the ground,

he goes down through the thick grey murk, no one can see him or knows

where he is going.

His wingmen landed some time ago and still there is no trace of him.

Is he gone, his plane so many smashed pieces of metal or burnt ash?

The dogfight was fast and swift with many planes turning and r...

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