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Its the memories....

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It is the Memories ...
Tomorrow he goes on to another stage.
He is 90 plus and feeling his age.
Sickness has taken its toll  on him
After years of survival, his body has given in.
But he has a daughter who is constant and true,
Who is always there to see him through.
Her devotion her love is all he needs
At this time when life recedes.

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You Are....

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You are the ivy 
That   invaded and muffled my walls.
You are the distance between you and me 
Measured in tears.
You are the buttons on my coat
That fasten me in to keep me warm. 
You are  the comfort  food
That  I desire in copious amounts. 
You are the journey
That I am ready and willing to take.

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Johnny Depp xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxValentine poem

Awake and watchful

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Wide awake and watchful 
I sense a difference in the morning.
Drawing back the curtains,
Surprise ,soft white silent snow
Is falling fast in delicate flakes.
Like feathers from the breast 
Of the stately swan.
Covering everything in a wonderful frosting
That drifts with the wind ,creating
Unexpected sculptures in  trees and hedgerows.
The unusual si...

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Serendipity WOLcompetition winter morningsnow

WOL Competition

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Happiness is a true measure of life.
It is contagious and speaks volumes
Banishes dark imaginings,
Brightens skies and lifts the soul.
Life revolves around seconds of experience.
Be in control
Fill your eyes with  wonder and surprise.
Listen only to the sounds that 
Make  fear and disappointment  dis...

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happiness.WOL Competition on optimism

The Rhythm of the Ride

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I love a motorbike ride

An open road signals freedom,

Freedom from everyday restrictions,

Rules that keep me in check.

Nagging worries that drag me down.

Its liberating, exhilarating,

Lying low, head down chin up,

Open throttle and feeling the wind

Whistling past.

Tyres on asphalt sing their song.

Engine finely tuned throbbing along.

Bobbing and...

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Motorbike Ride


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 Over and over and over again

Over and over and over again
Thoughts of you  
Send shivers through the core of me
I want to wrap myself around you 
Dance and twirl 
To the music in my heart
Over and over and over again
Hot tears cascade
I repeat your name 
The familiar mantra
Filling my head
Killing me slowly
Over and over and over again

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Reflections on old age.

I have eventually accepted that I am invisible.

Not only am I invisible, no one can hear me.

Some people have begun to look through me,

Over me and around me.

My opinions are rarely sought,

My interest hardly ever engaged,

And my conversation simply ignored.

You would never know I was there

In time I also began to disapp...

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The Child I Used to Be

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 Like the child I used to be

In a timeframe, that hadn’t altered.

I meandered through the meadow
Knee high in grass,  buttercups 
Nodding as I pass, their
Tall and stately faces upturned seeking  the sun.
The hedgerows heavy with blossom.
Their distinctive perfume 
Drifted by me, on the breeze.
The sun warmed my face.
The soft fragrant breeze 
Toyed w...

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Childhood memoriesmeadowsmotorways and nature spoiled.

Pandora`s Legacy

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Created by the Gods

Pandora left her mark

On the world, by  un-leasing
The terrors that befall
All of mankind.
Moulded from clay
Taught how to behave
In deceitful ways.
Then  sent to live on earth
With a box she was 
Forbidden to open.
She angered Zeus, 
When her curiosity aroused
She lifted the lid 
On his box of gifts,

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Greek MythPandora`s Box

Brothers & Sisters

The stage is set

The players have assembled

Let us begin.


It’s the arguments and tears

It’s the fighting and the fears

That drain a happy home

Of love and understanding.

Will it ever end this bickering

And fighting

Vicious words and vile back biting.


Why are some brother and sister always

So bloody minded.

Secrets never sacred

No h...

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A Eulogy To Poets at WOL

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 A Eulogy To Poets  at WOL

I wish I could write a poem like Julian Jorden.
His Rhubarb Poem cracks me up.
And when he starts quoting French 
Well my toes curl up in pleasure.
I wish I could write a poem like Peter Crompton.
He is so full of emotion and life
His performance can give me
The goose bumps.
I wish I could write a poem like Eric To...

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Poets & Performance Poetry

The Tree

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Once this fine tree graced a forest.

Natures noble green giant.

Birds nested and played amongst the leaves.

Searched for insects in the tough brown bark of the tree

Safe and secure in its green canopy.

Whilst berries and nuts in abundance during summer

Sustained many, through the harsh cold of the dark winter months.


Squirrels lived aloft, high above the...

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Why when we walk through a place of un-timely beauty

Touched by seasons, but never losing that special appeal.

We hold our breath and feel uplifted and amazed.


Why when we see a child with an open innocent face and trusting eyes

We gasp and look with longing at our past innocence.

Then feel a sadness, mixed with joy for that child`s passage through life.


Why when we hear music so ...

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A Mothers Soliloquy

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Good Morning Sunday

How will this day be.

I know that tears and sorrow

Will be with me.

Where will I go,

Who will I see,

This is not my home

This is not where I should be.


The sun is shining

It’s a bright new day.

But all who love and need me

Are far far away.

I hear birds singing

They are singing to me.

Go home and be happy

This is not the place to be.


I walk on the ...

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We all need a little chocolate in our lives
Chocolate is the answer to everything
Soft smooth milky delight
That’s melts on your tongue  and sooths the soul

Wicked hard dark exotic chocolate
That takes longer and tastes stronger
But it gets to the parts
That need a lift.

Melted chocolate flowing in fountains
Firm plump strawberries
Dipping delving diving
Deep into pools of chocolate promise
Doubly  de...

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Some people today have some funny ideas.
Why is it almost everyone has a conspiracy theory.
Who shot JFK?
Was it a Government plot,
The  Mafia,, it was certainly not
Lee Harvey Oswald.
The shot came from the grassy knoll
We have all seen the film clip
Not from where we have been told.
Anyway that’s what I think.

Many don’t believe that man set foot on the moon
They say it was filmed in Holly...

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 ( A tighter amended version)

On soft warm sand I lie

Feeling the heat of the sun caressing my face.

Cool light breezes lifting my hair

And the rhythm of the waves pummelling the shore

Tempted by the clear blue ocean

In need of a cool embrace

I wade into the water.

Suddenly a huge wave enfolds me and I tumble

Into the foam, mouth and nose fill with salty water.

I am carried into the b...

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On soft warm sand I lie

Feeling the heat of the sun caressing my face.

Cool light breezes lifting my hair

Seagulls calling

And the rhythm of the waves pummelling the shore.

Tempted by the clear blue ocean

so cool and inviting

I recline on a soft cushion of sand as gentle waves lap at my breast.

Suddenly a huge wave enfolds me and I tumble

Into the foam,mouth and nose fill with salt...

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Will It Ever Cease

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I see this child is troubled, lost alone.

Heavily burdened with fears unknown.

Eyes filled with pain guarded yet alert.

Speak of untold humiliation and hurt

By words and deeds they don

t understand,

Their emotions unstable like shifting sand.

How can we help them grow strong and tall.

Teach them to cope when they hit a wall

Of hate, prejudice and abuse.

No matter the circumstance there ...

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My First Blog in Ages

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The picture was taken during a walk round Swinsty Reservoir in Yorkshire last Saturday,fantastic day. I haven`t blogged since last year, I have just been too busy. Since I joined the WOL Team I have had lots to do. November I went on a tour of China and then it was Christmas ,it takes time writing letters and cards and then there is all the shopping for presents and visiting family and friends. ...

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Hovis in Wonderland

Went to the Phoenix Theatre last night to see Hovis in Wonderland. Unfortunately I had to leave early but the first half was good. I enjoyed it, very entertaining. Congratulations Dave and to the performers who made it work so well..

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Oldham Poetry Day

Friday 5th Oct

Gosh where has the week gone. I was unable to get to the Oldham National Poetry Day Event as I was away all day and from the reviews I read it was a great success, pity I missed out. Its fantastic how WOL is spreading the word, providing opportunities for more and more people to share their poetry by the spoken word.

“Victory is won, not in miles but in inches. Win a little gr...

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Saturday 29th Sept

Thank you Peter & Paul for your support once again.

To achieve anything worth doing, we must not hold back thinking of the consequences, but jump feet first and do it. Each time becomes easier. Always works for me.

Surprise surprise today I have a free day. All tasks and chores done so I can chill out. I seem to have been out and about more than usual this week and with the...

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Thursday 27th September 2007

Good morning .

Well this is a new initiative Thank You Julian Paul & Dave for giving us an opportunity to further express ourselves and share our thoughts and feelings with members and friends of Write Out Loud.

I enjoyed last night’s WOL Open Mike at the Octagon Theatre, the atmosphere was just as friendly as the Howcroft, I was somewhat apprehensive it being a T...

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