Hurricane fighter plane dives through clouds towards the ground,

he goes down through the thick grey murk, no one can see him or knows

where he is going.

His wingmen landed some time ago and still there is no trace of him.

Is he gone, his plane so many smashed pieces of metal or burnt ash?

The dogfight was fast and swift with many planes turning and rolling

for ascendancy over the other, six Germans and two Hurricanes are missing.

Yes we beat them this time, but for what? If only this was a game and

everyone survived.

There will be empty beds tonight and a grieving girlfriend and family,

hoping against hope that their boy will return.







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nick armbrister

Thu 5th Jan 2012 15:20

thanx Lynn yes as the game standards are very good now so war can be fought on a tv screen or computer. a war game of georgia/russia war 2008 is on a computer witha 2nd part that never happened. a war with iran and the us navy can be on a computer game. i like weapons and it would be a cool game. no1 would die tho except in the made up game...

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Lynn Dye

Thu 5th Jan 2012 11:23

Agree with the sentiment, Nick, if only it was a game. Well written, good one.

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