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15 minutes of Sonnet 25

It’s not love they play it’s another game

Where what matters is who can count the most

Playing duck and dive, surfers search for fame

Notching names upon digital bedposts


Their followers adore them with their likes

Each character praised as if from God

If their own petard hoists them onto spikes

Then surely, it’s the crowd that has turned odd.


Their ledger marking...

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A 40-Watt Sonnet

Sit up with closed eyes and the lamp on, 

reel the days back with lightbulb sunsets,  

plant your feet and turn time's dance down, 

then rise from the west and come back to bed. 

Don’t let the orbiting swirls of the chair  

remind you of our old days ahead. 

We've already been through those. 

In a roundabout way, we'll be  

there again. Arguing about the clouds, 

seeing ...

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I am I without a name!

I am I

Without a name

I am I still

Without a name


You may wish to call me in the dark of night

You may wish to reach out,

When I am out of sight,

You may wish to write me a poem,

A song or a sonnet

What name shall you then

Write upon it,


So precious name,

You are not in vain,

Addressing this house, this body, this frame,

Though it too will change...

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Ice-Storm-Morning Sonnet


A sheet of ice on black pavement gleaming

As frost, settled on shrubs, illuminates

A white powder morning and activates

The sound of grass, underneath feet, crunching.

I with my twin brother wander, beaming

Along the path untouched, to what fascinates

The mind of two children and resonates,

Bridging the gap between awake and dreaming.

For brief moments the world was fr...

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Third Sonnet

The Taliban of Christianity,

Are guardians of our nation’s moral health,

Protecting men from femininity,

They worship pomp, and privilege, and wealth.

They disapprove of how and whom we love,

Deny our civil right to earn a crust,

To work in schools for our Lord above,

Those bigots trample freedom in the dust.

No paedophiles then, in the Church of Rome?

In Opu...

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Second Sonnet

When you behold the shimmering stars at night,

You ask if all that beauty’s in your eyes,

You close them, pensive; here within my sight,

Your form so exquisite provokes my sighs;

That hawthorn flowered path on which we walk,

Has scent that’s just as sweet before we meet,

Those songs without words in each precious thought,

Become enchanting music when you speak,


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