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Do they know about Christmas in Pakistan?

Has anyone told the Taliban?

Those callous corrupters of the Koran

Who slaughter kids because they can.


"Suffer little children to come unto me" -

Christ's words resonate with minds that are free

But not with Hate on a killing spree

"Suffer...little children!" is Hate's decree.


Do they understand Christmas in Pakistan?


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Third Sonnet

The Taliban of Christianity,

Are guardians of our nation’s moral health,

Protecting men from femininity,

They worship pomp, and privilege, and wealth.

They disapprove of how and whom we love,

Deny our civil right to earn a crust,

To work in schools for our Lord above,

Those bigots trample freedom in the dust.

No paedophiles then, in the Church of Rome?

In Opu...

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