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Zombies III

Have you ever wondered why you dream?

It all seems so real: The morning after;

Checking to feel your skin.


Faint lines scratch a pattern, but where does it all begin?


Miniscule creatures, suck and splutter: Muttering

To get their gruel.


Like tiny ants on a mission: They vision you as their life

Long bread; it starts with your toes, ends with your head.


Hungry, Hungry, better...

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Mirror on the wall

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Exactly what is your role?

My appearance is all I see

You keep staring at me;


Oh, mirror tell me why

Can't show who I am inside

Help me if you can

And try to lead a hand;


Mirror you're just a lie

I ask questions, never got a reply

So sick of this deceit

The way you've tried to cheat;


For you, mirror, I have a deal

I don't think you're real

It's ...

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death by chocolate

I could drown in your eyes tonight

I could fall into your eyes and fade away

One kiss could complete me

One touch could heal my wounded soul

I‘d need no other lover

Only you

I have no control

It would be death by chocolate just to be yours

And you mine

But the lines of fate don’t always meet

And all I get it a fleeting glimpse

An imitation of love when you send a...

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clouds of happiness

A spat out biscuit
Lay beside my bed
A last minute decision
That I had been over fed
Comfort eating again
Anything to blank it out
Anything to ease the duvet slide
And the inevitable clout
That is living
The mars bar
Was far too far to reach
The calorific content
Can confidently teach me
That it is junk food
Just a sugar hit
To glaze over
The reality of everyday living
Should I find strength
To roll over
To reach it

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Monosodium Glutamate

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It is the spice of life
The tingle on your tongue
The flavour that excites
And rights culinary wrongs
So if your chilli isn't red hot
And your goulash is ghastly
If your vegetable samosas

Taste like persil pasties
Then you might find it expedient
To use a magic ingredient

It put hairs on my chest

And a jaunt in my walk

Made my taste buds bloom

Put a feast on my fork

So enhance your existence

Get so...

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Love that he had in his heart
occupied my mind-all of the sudden
was him that stolen my lonely heart
there were only you he said;
and I knew, he was the one
that understood the sense of my very being
maybe there was only him to calm my heart
by taking the emptiness away

You were the one I love, he whispered
you were the one who felt the tears in my eyes
you were the one that changed m...

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Also by Zuzanna Musial:


Winter Morning

entry picture


Now the golden leaves are gone.
Winter, barefoot, stalks alone,
Through the naked trees.

Gone the warmth from sun and sky.
Gone the dancing butterfly.
Gone the summer bees.

Winter stirs the withered grass.
Trees draw back to let her pass
Fearing her cold breath.

Leaden snow clouds crowd the air.
Lonely sea birds wail up there
Crying tales of death.

All the sounds of earth and sky
Sing a mournful lul...

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At Whipps Cross

I'm gazing at a ceiling,
designed by a minimalist.


My patience screams,
my eyes drip.


The caffeine addicts,
chase nurses for small change.


I could have a cigarette,
from my overcoat.
What with its loose tobacco,
dark secrets,
and sorrow.


But I don't want to smoke,
these days.


So I'll wait.
Me and my baby,
in the Clair de Lune.


Just us.
Mr Debussy,
the coughing,
and my severed head.

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Sade’s Boyfriend

entry picture


I popped into Lovejuice today

To grab a spot of lunch

I met Sade’s Boyfriend

Making the pulped fruit punch.


He's a Smoothie Operator

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The Moon went for a swim


The moon went for a swim amongst the harbour boats

Yellow brushed against the slate grey surface of the water

Giving depth and tone to the ripples atop the high tide

The onshore breeze seemed to mould and remould

The undulation, with a sculptures eye and craftsman’s knife


Silhouetted by the melting moon, dolphins and seals

Dance amongst the moonbeams in an aerial ballet

Some seagul...

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Fragments of Heart Break

There will always be

stories of love,

fairy tales

to keep our hearts beating,

but hearts broken

is a different story.

There are days,

where I see the men,

whose hearts I have broken.

They visit me in sleep.

Their faces haunt my mind,

and the fangs of regret

are always sharp.

I'm sorry

for breaking

their hearts,

and the love

that ...

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Education, my measure

Today I’m going to teach you a lesson.  Anything. 

We’ve had enough of algebra and conjugating verbs

I’m going to conjugate you.  It is an ordinary lesson,

You walk in and talk crap and we shut down.


I squash your control with a flick of my ruler

Across a geeks head. Love that scream, everyone laughs

You scream at the top of your voice like my name counts

No one cares, I care less.  Yo...

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My Dentist

entry picture

A bit of Poetic Humour for you...

My Dentist

My Dentist was in a boyband
Before he studied teeth
And, believe me, now he’s a dentist
It really is a relief.
You see the boyband he was in
We’re one of the worst around
A review described them as Awful,
With a really horrible sound.
Whenever they’d perform live
You’d hear the audience say
“Please stop them someone, someone please
Make the noise go away.”
They reali...

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Poems published

Dear all;

I just thought I would let you all know I've just had 12 poems published on this website
'Dark World International'


Why not let me know what you think!


Andy N 

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Stand-alone intelligence

Stand-alone intelligence

I open my mind, find some small truth
With a pin I extract it; a braincell...
Well, it's proof.

If I feed it, water it, keep it warm
I might end up with 2, 10
Maybe a thousand more

I have no need to think now
With my braincell doing all the work
Finding ways to balance the economy
And...save the earth

It's a costly business, this
Brain in a jar
But it'll be worth it in the end
I can bu...

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A Girl Like Faith

It's a modern trend that we are asked to give our opinion on the news - email us! visit the website! vote for your villains and heroes! - but sometimes people forget that the individuals in the news are real, often people who have never asked to be famous and by the misfortune of a tragedy are suddenly up for public consumption, an interpretation - denigration - of character by those who have n...

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An Cailín Bocht Marbh / The Poor Dead Girl

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An Cailín Bocht Marbh


Áileann a bhí a h-aghaidh,
Agus dathúil soiléir a bhí a tón,
Bhí airgead go leor ina póca,
Agus cóicéain suas a srón.
D’fhéach daoine uirthi,
Cailín óg d’fhiche bliain d’aois,
Bhí a pictiúr sna nuachtáin,
Agus ar an teilifís
Bhí soal breá ós a cóir,
Bhí gach rud ceart go leor,
Agus nuair a fuair sí bás,
Bhí an caoineadh di, mór.

Cúpla lá roimhe, I bPort Láirge,
Bhí cúpla fir óga,

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I'm sick to death of repetition
show me something new
I need chaeos and disorder
I'm sick to death of ...


What excitement the world ending brings
Like the alternative ending of a film
The world waits for anarchy
She thrives on dis-equilibrium


This life is like a waltzer at a fairground
nauseating and repetitive
Let me off, I want to get of,
nauseating and ....


I need an adventure
a walk on the w...

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entry picture


The wet, westerly weather wantonly wreaks havoc on weary women, men and children in Wansbeck’s windy working streets and wrecks watery Newbiggin By-The-Sea as it wonders like a wrinkly wriggling worm bashing along shores, whipping up woodland willows and shunning shepherds.


In frenzy, the wayward warlock whooshes through Warwickshire then wonders to the south and east wagging Wilt...

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Also by Lenford White:

Varna Night - Part 2 |

Dream lover

If I stop drinking completely I find

The noisy neighbours deprive me of sleep

I become super-sensitive; they wind

Me up as I lie listening; they creep

Around, bang things and each other; they keep

Me from the point of drifting down the stream

Away from this dull, marshy plain to steep

And heady slopes where success is no dream

Gold nuggets just for me reflect the gleam

Of the still-risi...

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Mum's Reflection First published 1996 Poetry Now Anthology by Kerrie Pateman

All too soon they grow up

From little boys and girls

No more swings and roundabouts

No more fairy tales


Gone are the days of Santa

With presents in his sack

Little boys and little girls

There is no turning back


Nursery school, infants, junior then onto high

So many paths to walk

And many tears to cry


What happens to our children


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My wife and I used to live

By a mountain lake

And sometimes when the sun came up

It was so clear, the water

You’d see two water bodies

Pressed against each other,

And when the wind whipped

They’d just roll into each other,

They’d love each other in the morning.

But then

The sun would rise

Time would pass

And the heat would come,

Leaving only the original


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So i got in trouble


this poem was removed because of legal reasons,

 but as my case is now over i thought id put it back up

so here ya go -


how can i explain
this pain
ive only got myself to blame,
and now im drinking again
not as heavely though
as way back when,
now im going jail for
gbh with intent
over some fucking freatening
txt messages that basterd sent,
and now im facing about three
but ill be out in two
you ...

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entry picture

6284  !



Sit back relax grab a beer

Gabriella’s got something she wants you to hear

Ok maybe its kinda naughty but have no fear

Jus check ur wives and hubbies aren’t near

If theyre not then were good to go, you’re in the clear


This is the relationship quiz

Not the Angelina jolie and brad stuff that’s all show bizz

So when your partners not at home

No new messages on the answer pho...

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Egg Face

Most days my face is an egg, but today it is a heroic oven-glove
It is from the second-world-war
It survived a bombing in London,
And helped a trapped woman free from burning rubble
The oven-glove is pink and a little bit burnt, but it looks nice
It helped to take pies out of an oven
And our soldiers ate these pies, and this made them strong
The oven-glove helped us to win the war
My friend thinks that th...

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The Changeling


The evil elves are in your house

And they are quieter than a mouse

They’re heading for your babies room

And they’ll get him very soon

They will play games with your head

Then snatch your baby from his bed

He’ll be replaced by an elf child

Wicked spiteful deceitful wild

You’ll love him as your very own

But he’ll disown you when he’s grown

This changeling child will be yo...

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Peppered By The Beat Generation

Like a terrifying poem about America,

only you could right, where are you tonight? Sweet

Allen Ginsberg of Patterson

Berkeley & New York City. I

found you leaping frog, from my Tibetan

book of dead, eyes alligned

swatting human flies with wormface and

coils unkempt, I come to know you as Allen

favouring you as bruder Alan, appearing

to ME again chanting Hare Krishna, ringing

bells so me...

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The Ruby Wring Show.

Welcome to Ruby Wrings

open floor show, with

special guests for

this star studded,

audience participation,

evening performance.

Special guests tonight

are :-

Martin o'huru and his

sidekick, "ju-ju" stick.

A big hand please

as he joins us on stage.

Give a huge welcome with

his infamous catchphrase.

"Let's make rain."


My next guest, ladies and

gentlemen. A philanderer. Who

by his...

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New Poem: Idiots



Two steps left, four forwards

and then three to the right.

Over and over again.

Meandering New Street like a chip

of Dover rock.


Ricocheting and changing course

all the way down the white cliffs.

But that has an end.

This does not.

It’s like twelve bores fighting

their way out of a cartridge.

Or twelve boars trying to escape

the farmers shot.


This is simply a...

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