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New Book Available.

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Hello Everyone,

A collection of Comic/Nonsense Verse, 'Please Do Not Encourage This Nonsense by Purchasing This Book: Poems By Paul H. Tubb' (ISBN: 1-4251-8986-5), is now available to purchase at http://www.trafford.com/08-1436, and in time at other book vendors.

Described as, 23 Poems Not about Football, 11 that are about Football and 5 limericks. Paul Tubb has put these together, with some illustr...

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Bigger Than John Lennon

A totally un-Topical Poem.

John Lennon once said that 'The Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ' He has often been misquoted as saying 'Bigger than Jesus Christ' I have therefore written this verse about it.
Jesus entered the club
And to the microphone he went.
He hushed the crowd and said
“I’d like to make an announcement.
Despite of what he said
I’m bigger than John Lennon
John was only 5 ...

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My Dentist

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A bit of Poetic Humour for you...

My Dentist

My Dentist was in a boyband
Before he studied teeth
And, believe me, now he’s a dentist
It really is a relief.
You see the boyband he was in
We’re one of the worst around
A review described them as Awful,
With a really horrible sound.
Whenever they’d perform live
You’d hear the audience say
“Please stop them someone, someone please
Make the noise go away.”
They reali...

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Rhyme Is Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!

According to many students and writers of poetry Rhyme is Dead... So be it...

Rhyme is Dead!!!!!

Oh my God! Can it be true?
Rhyme is dead, it’s gone, it’s through.
It’s a useless skill, for one to possess
It’s not big it’s not clever, it doesn’t impress.
It’s stupid, pointless, childish word-play
So sterile and so totally passé
And the people who write or read rhymed verse
Should be ignored, or even...

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Poetry Now Festival

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Had an exceptionally wonderful Poetry Now Festival, if anyone is interested, even if you aren't it was still a success.  A very different experience to other festivals I've done.  I was on a bill, it was in a theatre, I was required to attend a sound-check ½ an hour before my performance.

Myself and George Szirtes read to around 300 extremely well-behaved 8-11 year olds who asked questions and were...

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Poetry Now!

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Friday 4th April 2008, is the day that I will be doing my reading as part of the DLR Poetry Now Festival (www.poetrynow.ie). That’s right, it’s getting closer and I have been looking forward to it since I found out about it in January…

Therefore there is something ironic about the title of the festival…  It is indicated within the title that the Poetry should be straight away… Right Now… no waiting...

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Poet Laureate?

With Andrew Motion's term as UK Poet Laureate up next year, I'm wondering what odds the bookies are offering for his successor, and more specifically what odds they would offer for me obtaining the role.

1000 – 1: I would hope or more.  Quite simply because:

1) My reputation is not as big as I would like

2) I would turn down the role as I do not think I would do it justice.  I find the idea of b...

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Christmas time

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Ah Christmas time,  Don't you feel a glow as all of mankind comes together as one?


Well maybe not...  But on 20th December 2007, I will hopefully be spreading what little cheer I have, whilst I read poems from my Christmas Collection, 'Mistletoe and Root Beer', and sing my Christmas songs, to the patients of, Temple Street Children Hospital, Dublin.  I did the same thing last year and it was a...

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Ireland's Children Book Festival

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October means Children’s Book Festival in Ireland, which is my favourite festival.

Last week I did 6 performances of my poems/songs on two days, and I have blogged my adventures on the CBI website at the following address if anyone is interested in viewing them.





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