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Question Mark

entry picture

can you
speak with forked tongue
can you
bend a spoon
using only
your mental power

(C)2008.Lenny Gazbowski

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Also by Lenny Gazbowski:

On Your Knees | She | Addict |


Advantage, me

I served a good point

The ball was in your court

And your return hit the net

But somehow you still won the game

Because you don’t play by the rules

Because you hijack the umpire’s stool

Because when your serves are tame

You award yourself a let

So I’ve been taught

There’s just no point

Disadvantage, me

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I'm yet to meet an ugly Emily

Even though, she is my rival

A Latin nemesis, with eruditely correlations

She evokes images both beautiful and intelligent

I’ve met Amélie and Emilia’s too.

I gave them my peanuts

And they would stroke my beagle

Whistling to Woodstock.

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Little Bo Peep 2008 Remix

entry picture



Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep

She looked all over the UK.

Then, (being industrious) traveled the world

Until she reached the U. S. of A.


She searched in all the fifty states

Came close in Texas, but found only cattle.

Finally gave up and moved to the West Coast,

Sheepless in Seattle.



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Also by Mark Niel:

Addiction | Half Life Day | Dawn |




Worn, like the shores of a thousand reasons

Like the coat of a hundred seasons

Or the grass on the trodden footpath

Of countless errands

Past the bark of a busy tree

Home to small creatures

Eaten by relentless birds

And stripped by squirrels

While crouching in a rain drenched corner of monotony

By the fence supported with a growth of clinging ivy


To a house with tired window...

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Also by Carol Falaki:

haiku |


entry picture

The sun rise this morning
And the sky is Crystal blue
I want to jump and dance with joy
Another happy day, wonderful day

I hear sweet tunes of music play
Love is in the air I feel it
Come closer to me do not be afraid
I want to hug you and kiss you

A happy feeling to share
My darling with you today
What a wonderful and happy day
For you and me to celebrate

Let's have something to eat

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Also by Zuzanna Musial:


Surveillance Papparazzi

entry picture

Cameras in the high street, cameras on the train

Cameras at the station, cameras on the plane

Cameras fixed in shopping malls, snooping as you shop

Cameras on the motorways recording speed for cops

Cameras placed strategically, in hospitals and  schools

no need for you to bother if you're following the rules

cameras in the nursery watching tots at play

Cameras at the restaurant making sure ...

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Also by Sandre Clays:

Computer Seance | Censorship | Rejuvenation | First Lady of the Hanging Tree | The Homecoming |


                                                       Life is more than you and me

It’s more than us and them

It’s more than the lies we tell our children

Life is more than work, eat, sleep

It’s more than rent, bills and council tax

It’s more than obtaining as much as you can

Life is more than obedience

It’s more than disobedience

It’s more than fame

It’s more th...

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Also by Robbie Hurst:


Across The Page

Days slip away
like tears unshed,
and moments of my life
drift on by
like the dreams
that won't let go,
won't let go.

The weight of the world
still bears down on me.
The stress of reality
digs in deep.
Trying to make ends meet,
my dreams won't let go.
They won't let go.

The page is waiting to be written.
Life can't remain on hold.
Dreams beckon from the distance.
The page is there, waiting
for the pen to sp...

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Tears Haiku

I hang up the phone.

Dialling tone resumes.

Tears through the plastic.

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I snuggle in my mum’s bed

Soft sweet scented quilt

Fluffy pillow for my head

Every night this is where I lie to dream

Every night this is where I dream I’ll lie


My dad sits quietly telling tails

Of scary pirates and treasure

With their bounty they set sail

Every night this is where I lie to dream

Every night this is where I dream I’ll lie


Dad sneaks out, thinks I’m asleep


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Also by Phil Golding:

Noah was here! | Cross the Crimson Tide | Secrets and Dreams | Call My Bluff |


This is my take on hearing a fellow poet breathe in a quiet writing room I was sharing with him. To me his breaths eluded wisdom and grace and it floated towards me, carressing my head in benediction.





Intermittent staccatone of warm clothes

Parting from reluctant chairs

Thunk of a glass snogging the hard

Steady surface of a table

The soft rasp, whistht and little zips jingl...

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Obsession equals self-obsession

Obsession equals self-obsession


Winds stir old words along the morning’s empty street

Post-it notes disguised as rainy day receipts

Some read ‘I love you’ others ‘Notice me!’

All trampled underfoot with necessary cruelty


These are the words that once unwound inside of me

A mind and tongue that railed against pathetic fallacy

Now tied to it – shadows bind truth to fettered memory


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How long, elder

The anvils on which we were cast
are rusting
The knowledge
In which you instilled
Yet imprinted
We must watch you
will miss you
So sure
The mature passes
To silver
To grey
To white
Dear elder
Must we watch you threadbare
Dear elder
Your children
Dear elder we try
To delay
But cannot stop
As calcium must eventually
Give way
formed from you
a mothers milk
a fathers silk
passed down link
your ...

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entry picture


The government has claimed

success in its most recent boot amnesty.

Boot mountains have been formed

in police station yards

throughout the country.

Original plans to issue the surrendered boots

to construction workers have been abandoned

due to a shortage of workers since the fourth credit crunch

and concern that the boots may be smuggled

out of the building sites and sold to gang m...

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Also by Malpoet:

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In Times of Terror and Torment

In these times of terror and torment,

Where blood is spilled for no reason,

Our good Earth is despoiled,

Raped and plundered, of its very essence,

Sucked dry of any hope of regeneration,

All that remains, is an ever-spinning orb,

As love and trust are cast out,

From hearts and minds

And the soul is torn from the body,

To drift in endless purgatory,


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The People in My Phone Book in No More Than Three Words

Not for me
I don’t understand
He isn’t real
She likes pancakes
Was too late
We drink coffee
His old room
Children’s hair
Is an egg
She has rabbits
Test tube baby
Stag do cheat
Dates ugly men
The lovely name
Awful with words
Glad we met
Wears jumpers
I miss him
Find me jobs
Should try harder
Mime artist
Followed home
Loves the Conservatives
We ate bbq
Looks like Shrek

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My Website update

I have added some new sections to my website http://www.writingsinrhyme.com and also some poems have been added to the site. Fopr those who like foreign language poems, I have some in Irish, French and German, and also a couple of Haikus in Serbian, and a poem translated to Filipino... just to cap things off.

If anyone wants to translate a poem for me, email me to let me know of it, and Ill post ...

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Also by Tomás Ó Cárthaigh:

The Unseen Shadow |

A poem - I borrowed you

entry picture

A poem I wrote a couple of years back. Thought I would put some poems up here and get some feedback



I borrowed you

and now they want you back

To say goodbye is more than I can do

All I want to do is hold you and keep you in my heart

But I borrowed you

and I don't want to give you back

I have learnt to love

to depend on your kiss

Your smile in the morning is borrowed

and yet it is mine

I w...

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Sonnet III

entry picture

This was written after a trip to Marakesh, ok so I've used orange, I know!


Once seared by heat marrow changes form,

Air so arid, dry, tasting like school chalk

Epiphanies evoked through eyes of scorn

Can't comprehend these aren't Lancashire folk

New cultural laws, awareness I lack

Minaret dominates a seething mass square

Women in black robes tongues making a clack

Facinated by his gold ...

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entry picture

love is like a blindfold

we can not see

the difference between romance

and reality,

like looking at the sun

our eyes would burn

tears rolling down our face

its always our turn,


The thing with the truth

is that its bound to hurt

aspecally when someone

is doing the dirt

we know its happening

but we have no proof

untill he comes up to you

and tells you the truth


''i cant leav...

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Also by Sarah Clark:

Una Valentine | Binge drinking | falling out with mumz.... | Fears | HiYa! |

Lichfield Festival

I'm gonna be
doin poetry
in Lichfield
On Sunday
Will anyone be there too
To say "hello" to?

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i'd love to be You...


My pleasures are simple

in this life at least

i dine when i'm hungry

i eat but dont feast

i laugh when i'm happy

and cry when i'm sad

i try to do good

but often do bad

i smile when contented

but still think to deep

i try to be patient

but still wake from sleep

hoping this new day

will change what i see

i'd love to be you

but i cant help be me...


i worry for nothing

when noth...

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as if it was clay

of a luminous day

in my mind i mold

 the inner me.


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Also by Neil Francis Brooks:

Into the consciousness | Writers workshop poem 1 | The rain meditates |

Passing Over

He walks down a road

a dusty road

endlessly long

a scream

quiet earth

earthly scream

Shattered walls

the sky falls

"Stop this train!" He shouted

"I want to vacate"

"Too late" the dead conductor called

"This train has already crashed"

"Into the past!"

"Would you like to join me? I have a grave for us. It is vast"

He made his way down the road

Two wild dogs walked at his sides

he dru...

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Also by Richard Brooks:

Footsteps | The Lizard King | Gift of Words | A dogger and a swinger | Love and the rest |

More than Friends

entry picture

Two bodies in separate places
So near yet so far
Both have been waiting
True love to enter their hearts,

Strong feelings they hold
Hidden words can't be told
Friends that what all call
Forever, always, nothing more,

Two souls blocked by miles
Sorrow being seen through their eyes
Each trying to break the ice
But huge silence between them lies,

Could they ever be more than friends?
Or their destinies by fa...

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remember i did not die, i am not asleep, im on a journey

entry picture

 Remember Iam not a sleep, Iam on a journey

 You Slipt away In your sleep carried away by the tides of time, You said your goodbyes. We shall remember you In our dreams and In our Hearts

You are my love ever lasting love and there you shall remain buried within me to embrace

I shall stand and wait for your return longing to hold you once again to be at peace


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This is England

This is England
Land of the brave
Land of the free
Land of the CCTV
Land of big brother in nanny state clothes
When will people finally realise nobody knows!
Land of terrorism on the news
Land of liberal views
Land of the prim and the proper
Land of being done by a copper if your drunk and disorderly
Its nothing out of the ordinary
Land of accents and regional twang
Land of literature and cockney rhyming slan...

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Also by Daniel Hooks:

this was supposed to be the future! |

Works do

lines raised pitted skin

teenage     scarification

in no sleeves displayed

Nick Hornby talk     to


river-boat captain

loaned     a fancy-dress muddle

of John Gray self

help     general     i

am going dancing with

a flea-market prejudice at

folk all -er than her

whose mouth curls     the corner like

a contact-lens on an

electric oven

hob     mispronounces

vehemence     s...

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Entry...I'm not sure why

So I thought I'd post a blog entry.

Mainly cause I'm kinda asking for help from anybody out there (who may happen to read this). I'm really new to the whole poetry as a spoken art form thing and I'm interested in getting more involved with it but I'm not sure where to go/where to start in terms of seeing live poetry being performed.

Any advice would be muchly appreciated.


And here's a quick ...

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