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Yin yang

Like all the happy and sad, 
Dark and light, 
Yin and yang, 
My darkness come to me, 
Same as my sunny side. 
I have Loved the sunny more, 
Then I have liked my dark, 
But both are part of me, 
I can not hide.
Like a shadow both are drilled into me.
Where ever I go,
They will be part of me. 
Yet I have been too caught up in my dark, 
And can't seem to let it go, 
But for all the happ...

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Buddhism 101

The root of all suffering.

Being and non being.

Body constantly at odds with the mind.

Do i choose body or mind. 

A paradox, a kunundrum, enantiodromia.

Dysphoria is real.

How can I be so sick and at the same time be so well. 

Disease, a state of being at Ill ease with a state of being. 

The binary code runs deep. Greater than a social construct. 

Male to Female, Yin/ Ya...

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Yin-Yang Love

He loves me?
He loves me not?

Questions I have 
asked myself a lot 
since the day 
I said I do. 

Yes, he has a 
wandering eye,
avoids intimacy
like I am 
the blessed
Mother Mary.

Yes, he has a 
hair-trigger temper, 
can top Pinocho 
with his lies.

Our love is 
but I no longer
question why.

After four decades 
in the trenches,
I have learned 
to focu...

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Seduce me

Come to me with an insatiable hunger.

Take me with lustful passion.

Find your breath on my lips.

Force me with erotic fervor.

Make me taste your sensuality.

Then I will hunger.

And we will devour each other in our carnage.

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True Face

The mask has fallen.

Like glass it has shattered into tiny pieces,

Never to be repaired again.

Every piece representing a lie behind the truth,

A secret that was thought to be better off hidden.


True light revealed itself today.

Shining bright like never before,

Exposing all the darkness nearby.

The shadows disappeared,

The ghosts all fled,

Yet you showed your fa...

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True faceYin and YangGlassLiesMask


Under the shadows of the day,
You reach up to touch me,
And I fall into the pits of
Illusion and delusion.

However many times
You have shrunk from me
In the swarted day,
I have crawled up for you.

Can I empty my heart of
The vicious poison
These shadows build in me?
Can you take that from me?

Hearts like this in constant
And disparate movement
Are treacherous at best, but

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