Buddhism 101

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The root of all suffering.

Being and non being.

Body constantly at odds with the mind.

Do i choose body or mind. 

A paradox, a kunundrum, enantiodromia.

Dysphoria is real.

How can I be so sick and at the same time be so well. 

Disease, a state of being at Ill ease with a state of being. 

The binary code runs deep. Greater than a social construct. 

Male to Female, Yin/ Yang, 010011000111

Transgender, a virus challenging the basic code.

Not a 0 or a 1. Trailblazer or a pioneer.

Heat beggots cold. Masculine to the divine feminine.

So simple yet complex.

I suffer because I only see with my eyes.

I'll work on that.

I guess I'm just another basic bitch.

A 0 switching to 1 in this game called life.

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