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Unholy Boss

Unholy Boss

It was during the Pandemic of 2020,
when I heard a boss chewing out a worker.
“You’ve been coming in late…Lately”
“You check your phone too much, buddy”
“You drag your feet too much, after lunch.”
“You take too long when you get the stuff.”
“Your attitude has been terrible, man.”
“And that’s why I have to make rules for everyone.”

He says this while working during a shut dow...

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entry picture

The dirty dark blue overcoat

Had long since seen a better day

A hard life, over sixty years

Has him set in his own way

Guardian of suburban parkland

Where all the Children play


The eyesight of a shithouse rat

From the days when he wore khaki

Remembers Dunkirk and it’s beach

Queuing up still makes him narky

The Kids know not to mess with him

Because He’s the Lo...

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Every generation has its own hard men

who rule the block, kick the new kids ass’s.

Who rule every bar, don’t take no for an answer,

are not to be messed with and demand respect.

They use the weapons of their trade, knives,

brass knuckles, guns, bats and more.

Take them away and their fists are a back up,

sure fire way of defence, offence.

A h...

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