Unholy Boss

Unholy Boss

It was during the Pandemic of 2020,
when I heard a boss chewing out a worker.
“You’ve been coming in late…Lately”
“You check your phone too much, buddy”
“You drag your feet too much, after lunch.”
“You take too long when you get the stuff.”
“Your attitude has been terrible, man.”
“And that’s why I have to make rules for everyone.”

He says this while working during a shut down order.
The boss is not essential, and exposes his workers
to that virus going around.
He does this just to make money. He acts like a saint,
but loves money more than his people.

He talks about stealing time,
while dragging out a job forever.

He acts holy about lossages,
but hides income, from the IRS.

He uses shoddy materials,
to make his profit.

That boss pays his workers pennies,
while he makes triple.

And he just smiles at church on Sunday,
free from guilt and shame.

Cause Monday comes,
and he’ll fire a man,
for doing all the same.

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Mon 20th Apr 2020 06:26

Mr Green springs to mind!

Is there any social justice Chris?

Great write mate.

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Don Matthews

Mon 20th Apr 2020 01:09

Too true....sadly.

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