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An Ode To Skyrim

Well as usuall I have been empowered by a computer game which is influencing my day to day life in ways that only a stupidly in depth game like Skyrim can do.

 So with this fresh inspiration I have penned a little something about my other life in the digital realm.



An Ode To Skyrim


Frozen wastes on hallowed ground

Captured and in shackles bound

Sound ...

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Choosing a character in beat em up games


You could be a Russian ballerina with high heels

With high kicks of steel


A sumo wrestler with flabby muscles

Who slaps and wrestles you until you cant resist

Or a bitchy pretty young blond who seals your knockout with a kiss

Or even a karate guy with a Mohawk or a quif

Who smokes a spliff as he stands over your broken body


Oddly enough you can be a...

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