Choosing a character in beat em up games


You could be a Russian ballerina with high heels

With high kicks of steel


A sumo wrestler with flabby muscles

Who slaps and wrestles you until you cant resist

Or a bitchy pretty young blond who seals your knockout with a kiss

Or even a karate guy with a Mohawk or a quif

Who smokes a spliff as he stands over your broken body


Oddly enough you can be a 14 year old japanese girl with French platts

How weird is that?

A rastafarri  guy with a square jaw

Or a fly black guy


A woman with biggest naturals boobs ever

Whos really clever

And has an ass you never forget ever

Who punches like a boxer

And couldn't be foxier

With long flowing hair drooooool!

Or dark vampire guy who's cool


Or a weird looking freaky beast man

Or a Chinese woman who's fires a .hundred kicks a minute

Or a muscly hunk of a dimwit who hits the hardest!


A mysterious man with a mask

Who knocks you out before you ask why

A freaky alien samurai fighter

A devilish cat girl who's frighteningly fast

An ogre who's too hard to flatten

A old monk who's drunken moves are in a confusing pattern

A cop who is after a robber on the selection screen

A thug, a violent criminal

Whos ugly and mean

A capoira brazilian woman who's a dream

A dashing young man

Who's a thick, I mean kick boxer!

And finally a taekwondo expert

Who kicks you into oblivion

And the secret boss

Who you are at a loss to find

This poem could go on but never mind

I am sure your find someone you like

Or buy another fighting game or just take a hike!

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