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MISUNDERSTOOD Random moves and shameless dudes, Midnight shades and sullen moods. Roaming dark streets in silent hoods, Secret signs and stolen goods. A world of violence and cold, stark fear. No words to be spoken, no sounds to hear. Hiding in the shadows, in dark, dank doorways. Sneaking through alleys, in the damp winter haze. Cold empty gaze, no emotion or regret. Steal...

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The Pit

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Some fragments:


"The Pit is such a place, where peerless deeds

Are writ with potent wyrd, and heroes wild with passion

Stake all on their steel-resolve, certain of God's grace."


"You must have drained a dog ere daring that, you cur!"

Said Loco-Man - the leader, called the Lord of Pain.

"Now heed, who has not heard the hoary truth:

We fought a fearsome for...

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