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Hate mail to myself

I went to sleep last night

and prayed that I had tears back there to shed.

But there were none to be found.


I went to a party yesterday

and prayed for an opportunity to make some conversation.

But there was no thought in my mind,

I felt was worth sharing.


I’ve been back in school for a year now

and I prayed for dedication and success.

But there was no goal I co...

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Skin Deep

On the surface, I look fine.

Swallowing emotion and putting on a face,

the fastest and most reliable reflex I have.


All you need to do is dig,

just a little bit,

to see that it’s all one big shell.

So why hasn’t anyone

figured it out yet?


Can I be more than this?

A hard shell,

with crumbling and rotting


holding it all together.



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Everything self; Beneath the surface

The trouble with learning to love yourself is this; All things positive "self" is more difficult to practice than the opposite our easily adopted negative self. Bad habits like self-doubt, self-hate,self-harm integrates into your life at such an alarming speed you wont even realize it until its too late, but then you do realize it. So begins a lifetime struggle to get rid of it. The process, unlik...

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