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One Day

One Day

On no day in particular

You arose with ease renewed

The dark veil had lifted from your mind 

Pulled softly like so many cob webs 

Suddenly the rain stopped pouring so heavily and turned to a comforting drizzle kissed with a warm breeze

The sun no longer bore down so hatefully 

Instead gently caressed your face soothing 

And existence seemed to lean in and whisper, "...

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All That I Am (Power To Decide)

 What we have may be decided by many things
 But we alone control what we will be.
 We are how we act.
 If the power to affect what we are and what we do exists at all
 It comes from us alone, and is given and taken wherever we choose.


 I am not magnetic, 
 Money shall have no power over me.

 I am not eternal. 
 Time shall have no power over me.

 I am not blind to the wo...

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Without Regard

Without Regard

She sashays like she knows something

Like she knows nothing

About how things got this way

Like nothing has anything to do

With everything

She feels objectified by


Which made her this way

And neglected by whoever should have cared 



She’s got those walking blues

Like walking pneumonia


She spreads ...

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