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Isn’t it easy how other things
can begin to define us?

Boiling in this infernal informational
depot of screens
rot seeping creeps in and forms us
if we let it,
and even if
we think we didn’t.

A curious youth
took a peek through a dark taboo portal:
“I wish I didn’t see that.
I can’t get it out of my head.”

I don’t want your damned reformation,
whoever you are.

I rem...

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Always the same....

Everyday for her is always the same.
All the struggles, all the pain,
all the hurtful words, and all the pressure
to be someone, and to be something.

And each day she wakes
to feel the hurt again, as it never changes.
And each day she breathes to longer her stay
no matter how much she wants to leave.
And each day she eats to feel whole and to not feel empty
like the way she feels about ...

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Do you ever find life gets dull?

And you need a break in the old routine?

Come with me and we’ll do just that.

It’ll be two fingers up to work as we go

for a drive down those winding country lanes

to somewhere long forgotten.

Maybe if we go to the right place

we will meet our past selves from other lives.

The trees speed past and the sky i...

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