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Harsh Review

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Harsh Review


The last time we reviewed The Underpants

They had just released

A smooth and satisfying piece

Called ‘Tumble-dried’

Expertly produced in the studio

With top class electronic tumble-drier

They had taken advantage

Of twenty-first century technology

To create

A fragrant well-balanced affair

That dried quickly

And were ready to wear

Within minut...

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A Review of my Collection "scratch"

As it seems to have been passed over, yet agan, in the publication of choice I'm taking the liberty of posting the review of my collection scratch, by the wonderful MulletProofPoet :

Paul Sands

Sadly, these days, many poetry collections often come with a free side order of smart-arse, either that or they’re brimming with their own (usually misplaced) level of confidence, which gathe...

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Just a first blog posting

Saturday 22 March

Leeds Utd 2-1 Millwall

Today I took my Niece to her first ever Leeds United game. With Vinnie Jones in attendance at the ground it had to be a Leeds win didn't it?

A simple equation created the first goal: ball into the box + big man = goal. Despite the goal both teams shifted between average and mediocre, with little to get excited about. The game threatened to boil over on occas...

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Review - The Complete Verse of Noel Coward (Diaries, Letters and Essays) by Noël Coward & Barry Day (Methuen Drama)



Noel Cowards' lyrics from his musicals are well known in the English speaking world and his phrases are now part of everyday English speech. Barry Day has collected here the definitive edition of Coward's verse including all the work in the three-volumes published in Coward's lifetime plus rare & previously unpublished material Coward sent to family and friends. 'Deidre' by his poet...

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Review: Undone at AXM in Manchester during Pride week

Undone gives an insight into the life of a gay guy living a hedonistic life on Canal Street; evenings fuelled by drink and drugs, ending in one-night stands. In the course of the story, he meets a guy new to the scene and relatively innocent.

As a gay man who has known the scene in Manchester, the first half of this play left me concerned that it was not going to show anything original. Don...

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AXMDominic BerryplayreviewUndone

And Did Those Feet – Theatre review

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From clog-dancing kick-off to grandstand finish, Bolton Octagon's riveting revival of writers Les Smith and Martin Thomasson's play takes us on a swerving run through a slice of working-class life in1920s Bolton.

Bolton born, bred and buttered, and Trotters (Bolton Wanderers) fans all their lives, the writers draw from what they know to create this play, winner of best new play in the Manch...

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