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Breathe Again

"I can't breathe."

How those words
now haunt me. 

Suffocating reminder 
of the curse 
on humanity. 

I want no part
of this evil plan,
man against man.

Let me stowaway
with paper and pen 

until we get past 

to a safe place, 

where kindness,
compassion, love 
rules the land, 

where we can 
breathe again.  



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When the truth hurts


My heart hurts and rage runs through my veins and even though I don't know her I can still feel her pain.
This right here hurts and it's not because of her race. It's the fact it's another human being that because of crooked cops they have deformed another face.
Everyone has something say but in reality the real matters of this country they try to ignore.

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Cry Foul

I cried when I saw the killing
And I couldn't stop the tearing
I weep for the loss of a being
And for such horrendous policing

I scream at the flagrant profiling
In the guise of bad cops bullying
I denounce the abuse of power
Needing more and more to holler

I see the anger in your face
Just because of color and race
I feel your pitiful rage
Worse than animal in a cage

I taste the...

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racism; police brutality

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