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You fucking trick. You lead me down this dark hole of destruction as you languished in my anguish. You never deserved me. It wasn't love it was obsession and you capitalized on my downward progression as you pulled me in and masticated my soul and left it in pieces on the floor. Evil runs through your veins. You told me I was insane and I believed you. I believed in all of you, but it was  never t...

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pure evil

What a lesson?

History has it that
“United we stand
Divided we fall!”
Was the secret
That helped
The victorious
            stand tall.

Similarly A,b...Y and z
Ethnic groups all
Some major,while some
In number small
For ages were
          on the ball
Whenever there is a call
Eveready nation's
     development spur
Or aggressor to deter.

Pursuant of a trick
“Divide and rule!
Fish in a tr...

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divisivepure evil

Big Brother TV

Everything watered down as to not offend
There's no relationship you need to mend
WHen you've got the tv as a friend
Taking comfort in Big Brother once again
Your day feels like the one before
Sick of all your slavery chores
Throw everything down on the floor
To find out celebrity whispers behind closed doors
The A to Z of who's banging who
The story of the latest murder on the news
A zi...

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Again and Again


Again and Again

It's happened again.

What you ask?

Oh you don't wanna know, it aint good.

A slaughter of innocents who were INNOCENT.

What was their crime other than learning at school?

Doing what kids do being looked after by their teachers.




Some things are fucking WRONG.

You did that.

Fully aware of your ev...

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cold blooded murderchildren killedpure evil

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