Again and Again


Again and Again

It's happened again.

What you ask?

Oh you don't wanna know, it aint good.

A slaughter of innocents who were INNOCENT.

What was their crime other than learning at school?

Doing what kids do being looked after by their teachers.




Some things are fucking WRONG.

You did that.

Fully aware of your evil actions, you KILLED.


We ask WHY?


There's no going back, not EVER.

It's not a fucking video game you butcherous beast.

Gaining entry because you were known.

Then you ACTED.

Not once but dozens of times.

Many dead in your carnage.

No need to say that figure, we all KNOW it.

Just like we know how EVIL guns are.


When will this END?


Even if it takes a change in the American Constitution, new laws and punishments.

Today many families in Newtown are in mourning.


Their precious young children MURDERED.






children killedcold blooded murderpure evil

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