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Fiery heart

The flames licked eagerly at my heart

How long had we been apart?

It seemed a lifetime now

But truth bends in sad dismay.


I try to stare into infinity

But see just tomorrow before me.

Its all too late my psyche states

Its all gone its all to late.


My embalmed mind kisses

All that it misses and misses.

Florid in obscurity

Searching for that purity.



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The Language of Trees

Have you ever communed with a tree?

The essence of all

Mother earths rich gift

Used your eyes, studied her bark, roots, canopy.

Noticed her position in the forest family

A watcher of the woods or an infant in the glade

Full sun or partial shade

 Colour, shape, size, branches, leaves can all be studied

But have you ever looked deeper.

Looked beyond, felt her fears, dreams...

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