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What Have You Got

TRIGGER WARNING: contains profanity and quoted use of racist language


What Have You Got?


What have you got

When you haven’t got a tweet

That will work on the masses

And keep them off the street

When your corrupt policies

Are all laid bare

And the people are as unruly

As your fake blonde hair


What have you got

When it all goes South

In pillow case ...

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Thousand Flasks: A world so racist

A thousand flasks,

residing in heaven's den,

engraved with white masks, 

with thousand souls of men.


A thousand plans,

with a particular thrill.

There are no forms to fill,

to join Ku Klux Klan.


Those thousand flasks,

contain soul of men,

who weren't white men,

killed by the white masks.


David Duke is one of those men,

Whose throne is that of d...

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donald trumpdemonetization in Indiatax evasionku klux klanpresidentpotus


Hey Mr President

so what ya gonna do


All the stories

about you Mr Trump

bring concern

The girls 

you want to hump

The healthcare

you want to dump

The federal agents

you want to bump


What's true

is to be seen

You appear to 

be so mean

I hope it was all

a ploy

to get your way


Surprise us

Mr President

work hard every day


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