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Don Matthews on Good night!!! (1 hour ago)

Don Matthews on Headache!!!! (migrain) (1 hour ago)

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The Long Player

Here is old poem idea I've had for ages about favourite album titles and the feelings that the music of each inspired in me at the time.  My old vinyl records - nostalgia.  You've got to guess the artists.  It's not laid out in a poem style fro a reason, and that's becasue a design friend of mine some years ago formatted (God knows how) into a circular text shaped as an LP.  It just needed a lable...

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Joyce's Umbrella

Have you any idea how hard it is for me to play a G major?
Should I write a standard progression, put the chorus where it should be and scream ‘dada’ in a controlled display of abandon?
Know I am a charlatan?
The only true rebellion would be to, with utter sincerity, believe yourself a penguin
Flying in the face of all authority


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Children Of The Glamned (Resurrection Shuffle)

entry picture

Children Of The Glamned (Resurrection Shuffle)

We found out all we knew about sex
in Youth Clubs and the disco-teques
grinding slowly to T-Rex
pumping from the Teac decks
then with Pans People our flames were fanned
we were the children of the glamned.

A thousand miles we’d gladly travel
for Noddy Holder’s voice of gravel
then watch our hopes and dreams unravel
in brief encounters wi...

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BARD COMPANYglamglam rockpopretroseventiessweet

Mr Twee

Warfare rages, blood pressure races, worry lines etch into our faces

Predictability always soothes

So we turn our glaikit eyes to you

A saviour decked in red, white and blue

Be our hero, Mr Twee.


Crashing chords in minor keys

Experimental creativity

Please god - spare us all of these!

For our stilted minds cannot compute

Unfamiliar jarring tunes

Blandness is the ...

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Dear Justin Timberlake

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 Dearest Justin Timberlake

Firstly, hello! Thanks for reading
I like that music that you make.
It’s brill that you’re succeeding.

When N Sync split I must’ve died.
But then I heard your solo years
And your first album – Justified
Is the sole reason I have ears.

But now you’re making movies
And Oscars, you may hold -
In your trailer sipping smoothies
Mixed with caviar and g...

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