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As dark as the night

This is how their eyes look like.

They told me once

Sad eyes are coal black.

From crime to punishment

They got used to travelling

Hand in hand with the act of crying.

As deep as the sea

This is how they look at the pain.

Just like the drops of the rain

This is how they shed tears

Behind the bars.

No need to use fancy words

To tell the sto...

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I enter a room I've been in before
A happy place of lentils and laughter 
Cushions don the floor 
An inviting circle awaits me

Two spots hold our names
A friend I'm not sure remembers me 
And a circle of people all anxious to grow 

Here by habbit or happy accident, 
curiosity and the lie
Phones at their sides
Poems at the ready 

Who will be our next brave poet?

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Cigarretes In The Mirror

Tell me where you'll go with all your burns,
reserve smile whispering the truth,
vanishing without a trail every time as she turns,
old age burdain and transient youth.

Blue as neverending sea,
light and blue
all I ever needed,
all I've never proved,
all I ever needed,
light and blue,
blue as neverending sea.

Don't tell me why have you returned with all your burns,
visible frown as...

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Observe dear, the way August hides
it's luminescence,
absorbs it's magic through the veins of our town,
going back in time, conquering places,
searching for the last tone to catch
the sound.

And it looks like we were here before,
and it looks like we are still part of
one whole,
this lifestyle blew us out of control,
all that we left,
hidden tattoos on our soul.

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Close your eyes, escape,
one weightless breath after another,
at the time when universe slips out of your hand,
but to live, to feel and to die when
two worlds crashes into each other,
and the atoms dissolve into the sand.

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echoes in the dark chasing us away..
chasing us..

echoes.. are still down there,
..there they are trying to hear our call,
call them to come around we are almost free, almost there,
almost there..
..fallen angels on the ground..
on the ground..
broken needle in a hay ..
in a hay.

echoes .. forever and before,
..before we weren't the same in their e...

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Pros & Coms 7th March

Hi Everyone.

Only 2 days to go till Pros and Coms. Poets for the evening are Liam Brady and Ged Thompson. Music by Simon Mckelvie. Comedians include Paul Cook. We are all looking forward to it and we hope you are too.


Thursday 7th of March

Vinyl Bar 88-90 Lark Lane, L17 8UU.

Door Open at 7pm.

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I am doing this event on sunday!



at nexus cafe the second poetry picnic from 2-5pm



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