My First Full Length Collection

My first full length poetry collection will be available from Flapjack Press on the 20th: and we have a wonderful launch on the 22nd: I've included an audio file preview with this post but you can find more here: The book is beautifully illustrated by the person who has il...

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poetry collection

Workshop Opportunity

I haven't posted here for some time I mostly use my blog these days which I will link to I wanted to include a link to an event on Monday, Innverse and workshop: Innverse is a friendly read around that happens the last monday of every month (we will be taking august off however)  I wrote up some of my workshop pieces on my blog to give people an ...

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Childhood Recollection

Dusk in Northumberland


I cannot throw away this faulty photograph

wonder if mother peeled off that oval sticker,

the one I remember:

Boots pronouncement of defects

on red eyes, on the ghosts of double exposures,

Now half forgotten


Framed by the stone walls scaling hills

I didn’t know that my great grandfather built or

the skill that made them stan...

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childhoodChildhood memories


Hello Stirred relaunches at the lovely Sandbar on this Monday 1st November!



STIRRED: For women who write.

A night celebrating the work of current and forgotten female writers, open mic (men allowed if they read a female poet's poem too) female and male guest slots, unfabulous priz...

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womenpoetrygigsopen mic

I am doing this event on sunday!!/event.php?eid=149449901743488&index=1


at nexus cafe the second poetry picnic from 2-5pm



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Bookfest Poetry Reading in Oxfam Withington

I volunteer in an Oxfam shop in Withington and this Sunday we are having a wonderful free event in the shop, details below:

Sunday, 04 July 2010
14:00 - 18:00
Oxfam Withington

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Manchester Folk: I will be reading at this event


Monday 24th Agust 19.00 - 20.30

Taurus Lounge Manchester

Presented by Katy Stewart

A collection of poets from established to up and coming; from all walks of life, backgrounds, sexualities and viewpoints - all reading their work with an intimate audience, answering questions and enjoying healthy banter. Come and have a drink and a giggle whilst appreciating the hard work that goes...

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The Illustrious Magazine

In my previous blog entry I mentioned that I am setting up a new magazine publishing and facilitating collaborations between (initially) Poets and Visual Artists. I am writing this post to clarify our submission guidlines:

If you are a Poet please send us: a biography (of less than 200 words) and a sample of work (usually around 3-6 poems).

It would also be useful if you could indicate what sor...

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Illustrious Magazine


I am in the process of setting up a new magazine with John G Hall (previously Editor of Citizen 32) and Photographer Aki Hashimoto.

We are a new type of poetry magazine, we are to be composed of interdisciplinary collaborations between (initially) Poets and Visual Artists. We are proposing to be not only a space for the publication of poetry/art collaborations, but to be a faciliator (f...

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