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Echoes of my illness play in my head.

Stories play in my head:

replay, replay in my head.

I hear their music.

I hear their voices in my head.

Ripples of memory

that remind me of my illness.

I remember as I walk the supermarket aisles,

as I sit, hair dripping at the hairdresser, sipping tea,

sat clutching my bag in the back of a taxi.

Echoes of an illness reverberate 


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entry picture

echoes in the dark chasing us away..
chasing us..

echoes.. are still down there,
..there they are trying to hear our call,
call them to come around we are almost free, almost there,
almost there..
..fallen angels on the ground..
on the ground..
broken needle in a hay ..
in a hay.

echoes .. forever and before,
..before we weren't the same in their e...

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The Sound of Night

entry picture

 I awoke in a cold sweat,
On that frigid, unholy night,
For He has spoken to me
     The Sound of Night,
Though He did not use words,
    I understood His might
Bellowed from a place without light.

   Echoes of Darkness pulsated,
Surged within my head,
Screams from the Void,
   The sound of the Dead!
His message of dread was clear:
  "Grip your foes with fear,
Show them their end is...

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