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Subtle and beguiling 

transporting me to places.


the journey is instant.





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you wanted it so I went on the scent,

you said it made you feel like a queen,

Christmas at that Knightsbridge store,

most expensive emporium I'd ever seen


perfume is fine when embellished by love,

every atom of the odour a tender reminder 

of loving moments with your chosen one

with whom you couldn't wish to be kinder


it's when the passion cools and she waltzes o...

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Everest Rose

cold roses strewn secured my love

engendering that rude wayward fire

moving my heart to defy tomorrow

trapping me amid my frank desire


she left only thorns stuck in my mind

without a word I was left overturned

ship-wrecked shocked and abandoned

I watched from afar as my life burned


her place was rank with faded roses

the old perfume of eternal betrayal

in he...

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Just dance

Its midnight

And all we are going to do is dance

We can’t drink anymore

We drank until we

had our fill

Now the beat of the music controls us

We couldn’t be still even if we wanted to be

The rhythm has us in its grip

And all we can do is dance

Just dance – moves our bodies in time with the tune

Its to loud to make conversation

And there are no words that we need


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A La Larissa Perfume


“A La Larissa” perfume has appeared!

The fragrance of it is great and neared.

It’s just for your elegance and intelligence.

It’s not for the masses!

It’s for the women in the evening dresses.

It’s for the ladies of extra classes.

This perfume is an explosion of warmth,

It gives you real sexual storms.

It gives you the enveloping notes,

It rises up your ...

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