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The dolphins seemed unfriendly

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No sooner had we landed when, at a loss,
we struck out for the islands. not by airplane –
wheels on the shallows – but in the drink, again
cast off into the Med, each a Pangloss –
ebulliance deranged – sailed for Paxos,
island of the  shotgun, Easter rain
whose white chalk gulleys and a firefly lane
lit us home through the olive alleys, moss.

O’Hara was right to remind us of Pan,
the gr...

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Prometheus Redux

Semper animus libera



O Thou that watches over all

And marks the good in man

Unnamed Godhead of all the thronging spirits

Who guard thy mortal worlds -

When skies darken and the plunging waves roil through

When the mountains themselves spit ruddy fire

And melt into valleys or crash steaming into the ocean deeps -

To keep thy people safe in those mortal li...

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Copernicus’ Commentariolus

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Copernicus’ Commentariolus


The sun will never rise again,

although its early morning stain

still paints the heavens with a hue

of orange, red and purple. Few

will listen to my sad refrain.


I studied long, no doubts remain.

Though saying so risks Papal chain

for claiming this heresy true.

The sun will never rise again.


Look to the skies a...

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