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I am a Tree

I am a tree
I stand tall
Nothing bothers me

I am a tree
I sway back and forth
The breeze gently moves me

I am a tree
I provide shade
Gather around under me

I am a tree
I provide clean air
Breathe me in and your lungs will be free

I am a tree
I am your summer escape
Your tire swing swings below me

I am a tree
I am your resting spot
After a long working day

I am a tree

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nature poetry

Autumn's Last Leaf

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Today's poem is brought to you by the letter F!



Hanging on in there

From green to golden red

Delicately fixed

By an axil thread

Then freed of

This fusion

By a forceful breeze

Moment  arrived

To flee from

It's tree

Fluttering past

Admiring glances

The final show

So now it 


Then falls to

The ground

Having proved

All it's worth


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Autumn Dancenature poetrySeasons

Side By Side

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Nature creeps in

And Asks For 

It's Space

It's Place

Beside us

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nature poetrypure and simple


The trees are flesh made.

 Gauntly etched to form gangrenous limbs,

Skeletal fingers lacing outward

For the heavens.


A multiplicity of fungal greens

That curl and sway about the breeze.

The trees are flesh made,

Blood racing within barcomulch veins

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