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The wait

I'm missing you..

like the sea misses the shore,

Like the mountains miss the bluebells

in the cold, 

like the earth misses the sun at night



the waves should learn

to wait till the tide is high,

& the mountains must know

to endure till spring,

& earth till the dawn arrives.


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Cliff Hanging

I feel my mind slipping, 

almost dangling from a cliff. 


Obsession and love are different, 

Yet similar with a twist. 


You left me in the cold, 

And so I left you behind. 

Although it breaks my heart 

this is my time to shine.


To fend for myself, 

That was the first lesson, 

A scared little girl,

With no direction. 


Which way do I turn? 


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Missing you

Missing you. 

This hunger 

It eats away little pieces of my heart 

You are the air, the moon, the art 

You decorate this room 

You need to fill it soon 

The memory is getting hazy 

And my fingers are feeling lazy 

Come back to me, just come 

I'll do the rest... and then some 

Just hold me and take my breath 

Desiring only your heart beat 

The rhythm of it helps ...

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missing you


entry picture



Sometimes I look into

a mirror to see my face

so I don't look so crazy 

asI talk to myself


And sometimes when I

am missing you I will

hold my dead phone

against my face so I 

don'tlook so crazy as

I pretend to talk to

myself while wishing 

the whole time that

it is you 


And this only

happens when I 

feel so alone 


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