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I saw before me faces float
White to black they passed by rote
They mouthed their words, they smiled their smiles
As shadow passed across the dial.

Saw I too their souls aslumber
Each one written with a number
They dreamed their dreams, they made their plans
As trickled through the glass the sands.

Saw I a scavenging lion come
To take their bodies one by one
He roared his roar, he pa...

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Decisions! Decisions!

If I meet a stranger in the way and he asked me for my name,

Should I tell him with a sad sad smile that we are all the same?

When a ravenous roaring lion comes hurtling down the street,

Should I stand my ground a trembling and sweep him off his furry feet?

If our pearls of wisdom scatter, strewn askew on stony ground,

Should we weep and wail, O woe is me!, or act like are fool...

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Hunting (Game and Witch)

The need to post about this subject has been growing steadily since the story broke. I am of course referring to the American dentist and his murder of Cecil the lion. This event like a number before it (see Kony and his children army) has enraged the majority of people leading to a whole lot of tweets and Facebook rubbish. While this outcry is commendable it is sadly misplaced, self-righteous and...

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Girl Leaving a Bar

the wind picked pace
she could feel the sound
of the music, very
distant now
he was telling her
about his sister
fingers sliding
through her hair
like water
saying, "You remind me,"
"You remind me."

it was too early
for spring
bare branches
stir with a sudden
turn of crooked fingers
as a car passes,
shedding light
on broken glass

last night she dreamed
of lions

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