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I started writing in May 2017, but have now written over 300 pieces of work. I perform as Rick ‘The Urban Poet’ for performance poetry. I have shared my poetry in Schools, Care Homes and on local radio, and performed at festivals and open mic nights. My piece entitled ‘Tree of Hope and Peace’ was written for, and read out by myself, at a memorial tree planting ceremony for the Manchester Arena bomb victims. I like to be active in the community and enjoy watching football, golf and cricket. I am also very proud to say that I was requested to write a poem for a Royal visit to Trafford, and read out my poem ‘Restoration’ to HRH The Princess Royal and 150 guests on 17th January 2018. I have a self published book ‘Poetry Gold’, a fund raiser for Parkinsons UK. A 21 track CD of my poetry with music, ‘Is there a Poet in the House?’ has been a successful fundraiser. Rick


‘FAR BEACON SOUND’ By Fred ‘Rick’ Varden (The Urban Poet) Storm clouds form and fall towards the ocean spray, emitting salt to season rocks of black and those of grey. Glistening in partial sun, their shiny slippery surface flatters to deceive in a cool but strengthening autumn breeze Howling winds are commonplace and profound with nature having stories, secrets and mysteries to reveal, but not conceal, about Far Beacon Sound A place of insignificance to some 'The Sound' mixes the threat of danger with sheer breathtaking beauty. Azure surf crashes against its protruding misshapen metamorphic rocks. Those venturing into the nooks and crannies, are put through their paces, and feel the balmy winds upon their faces Concentration is demanded to negotiate the greasy undulations of challenging rock formation. The crowning glory is the jewel like beach with double horseshoe of glistening bleached silver, creating streams of light, shooting back towards the night. The scenes and mysteries of The Sound send out subtle messages all around to those who listen or observe to draw into a place, where reality dream or vision embrace. Yes reality, dreams and visions embrace In this place In this place In this place We have now found In Far Beacon Sound IS THERE A NURSE IN THE HOUSE? By The Urban Poet I've been lyin' in bed since half past three Cos I've landed me self in't Infirmary I went and did summat daft you see And they're 'avin to operate on me knee I wouldn't mind I only came in to see Any doctor or nurse int' A and E I ended up in a cubicle on a sort of bunk And next to me was the obligatory drunk She must've consumed a gallon of gin Cos she'd fallen over and smashed up her chin The staff nurse tried to calm her down But she threw a punch and knocked her t' ground Cops were called but weren't surprised As the same old Biddie had nearly died Last time she was here the Sergeant said But added: "unfortunately this time she's still not dead" Now that may seem harsh but we can understand 'cos Nurses put up with this on a scale that's grand Trying to help 'em but getting stick Then wiping up all those idiots sick Anyway, as for me and my dodgy knee I slipped and fell just after tea It didn't help that I've always been bandy Oh and then there was that bottle of brandy.... Fred ‘Rick’ Varden 2017

The Urban Poet

Poetry Society member Member Lancashire Dead Good Poets Society Self published booklet ‘Poetry Gold’ CD ‘Is there a Poet in the House’ (Also on Sound Cloud) Performing as ‘Rick The Urban Poet’ Festivals and open mic nights Radio work on Trafford Sound Manchester Radio General, North Manchester FM and RWW School lessons, Care home visits and after dinner speaker

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

Audio entries by Rick Varden

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Is there a nurse in the house? (Audio) (03/11/2017)


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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 2nd Feb 2019 06:25

Thank you for commenting on The Matriarch Fred. I live surrounded by a pine forest it has inspired me on a few occasions.
Beyond the Trees

Beyond the trees in a deep dark hole,
lives a fox and his friend the mole.
The mole did not know that his friend ate mole meat,
for he could see no further than his feet.

The mole brought the fox a gift of worms,
which managed to keep them on good terms.
Although the fox's glance would have told a different tale,
had Mr Mole been able to surveil.

A winter chill swept through their den,
the fox began to feel hungry again.
Now the mole certainly was no fool,
and realised he needed to keep his cool.

If he could find no more worms,
how would he keep them on good terms?
When he pushed his nose up through the ground,
this is what the little mole found.

He heard a noise right under a log,
and there he found a juicy frog.
Off he went with his gift,
he knew it would give his friend a lift.

The fox enjoyed his juicy frog,
which mole had found under a log.
He was so happy that in return,
he gave his friend the mole a juicy worm.

This tale is fraught with danger for the mole,
the situation is beyond his control.
There sits in the den an uneasy truce,
unless the fox's natural instincts are let loose.
So the mole never rests for more than ten,
while the fox lies slumbering in the den.

© 2018 Taylor Crowshaw

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Taylor Crowshaw

Mon 17th Sep 2018 11:27

Thank you for your lovely comments. I took the children to the old set years ago it was very good. They also took us through the set of The Borrowers..we enjoyed it thoroughly..?

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Taylor Crowshaw

Wed 15th Aug 2018 19:11

Thank you for reading Her Heart Fred. ?

<Deleted User> (19836)

Thu 2nd Aug 2018 05:53

Nice to meet you Fred. Thank for the lovely comment you wrote on "Wedding Bells". It is appreciated.

Your sample poetry is very enticing. I look forward to reading my way through your other poems.

Thank you, Jane?

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Taylor Crowshaw

Tue 24th Jul 2018 07:10

Hi Fred, appreciated your comments on my blog. I read Truth and Lies again yes again...and having read your comments to me which gave me an insight into your poetry and thought processes I enjoyed it even more....if that is possible. THANK YOU.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sun 22nd Jul 2018 21:22

Hi Fred, Just read Truth and Lies. Wonderful.
Much admiration for your work in the community. Taylor

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Sun 11th Mar 2018 13:38

Thanks Fred for your kind comment on 'coming'

Much appreciated!

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keith jeffries

Wed 24th Jan 2018 20:09

Fred, I salute not only your poetry which I enjoy but also your work in the community. Thank you. Keith

james thomson

Wed 29th Nov 2017 08:02

Writing the poems is all about writing the things which you assume and you have just started writing the poems and have already written more then 100 poems that really great thing.

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Mon 13th Nov 2017 13:05

good morning Fred thankyou for your comments I'm so sorry I forgot to write back regards Wendy

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Fred Varden

Thu 26th Oct 2017 18:08

Many thanks Cynthia, yes I have liked some and sent comments too to other poets. I realise how important it is to get encouragement from others. Thank you for such a nice welcome. Appreciated

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 26th Oct 2017 12:47

Welcome to WOL, Mr. Varden.

May! and you've written 70 poems already! Good grief. Your brain must be grateful for the release of so many ideas smouldering for so long.

'Truth and Lies' is powerful, like an erratic torpedo. You have a sense of the dramatic.

Please add your own comments on the work of other poets, however short. We all thrive on them. Even the 'LIKE' flower is appreciated.

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