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Debs And Amy R.I.P.

I rue the day we ever met, for

she never knows when to stop,

her warehouse space enormous

she's a twenty-four-hour shop


my paramour Alma is an amazon

one that always delivers on time,

her supply chain quite amazing

while she knows prices to a dime


yet there's a fatal flaw in big Alma

true, she makes out without fail,

but she's a sad blow-up doll when


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Ghost Café

Our Halloween masks reflected back
as we peer through that dusty glass
into the quiet gloom of the Ghost Café

If only the ghost waitress would take our order
‘large or small?’ she asks, well, I’m a medium
ghost chairs dragged across the ghost floor

And the clank of local steel set down
on delicately painted porcelain
bustling echoes bounce from peeling walls

People starting or resta...

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Come what may

When they closed down my favourite record store
I shed a little tear
I used to buy my vinyl
With my pocket money here
Slowly all my childhood
Has been ripped out of this town
The bulldozers are coming in
My memories falling down
The bar where I drank my first beer
And floated in the stratosphere 
It’s now a store sells fancy goods
And smelly things and bath time suds
The sports shop wh...

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Record storeclosed downhigh street

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