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Aviva Rifka Bhandari on The Gift Of Life (1 hour ago)

Sunset Strip

In choosing to pass
a valley to stars
(to have not and turned dark)
with none to lose
and the slipping memory chasing
the summer night,
as another of the outlier's mischief,
to have caught the directions
of the sunset strip
where the stairs creaked, and the ocean breathed

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dreamscapefree versefree verse poetry


false start.

Draw too deep breath.

Linger too long.

take back   break

   neck  speed  one

 two  don’t   stop ask

 once    no twice



Forego solid food.

Count to ten.

  hold on   elastic pill

     tight  stretch

     release      sharp no time

fixing not broken not ever

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emotional poetryfree expressionfree verse poetrysad poetry

the first is [not]

I don’t have a poem for you

you don’t feel volatile

I am sputtering like a flame someone left too close to

            an open window

but you are not the chilly night air

you are not the frayed wick

I still haven’t figured out what you are

you are like deja vu with pretty eyes

seeing a splintering of a thousand potential futures

they all exist because none of them exist ...

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free verse poetrylove poemlove poetrymadnesspoetrypunctuationspacing

the first is

This one is not for you.



Close your eyes

    those framed portraits

[eager and aloof.]

one day red

full stop

left to [no] exchange



[looking]                                                             up   up            down


Stay sane.


with no regard,


luke warm


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concrete poetryfree verse poetrylove poetrypoetrypunctuation

You hurt me again

You hurt me again 

There is no tone of surprise in my voice any more, why should there be? 

You hurt me time and time again and over and over I forgive - I make some weak, half hearted excuse for you

If I forgive you the hurt goes away quicker, until next time when I forget how bad the pain was and disappointment comes crashing down in waves like an avalanche of emotion. I cry and you tel...

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free formfree verse poetryhurt

Beautiful strands spun, woven by the deadly

A spider works tirelessly on an intracate weaving of delicate silver threads

Colecting tiny delicate dewdrops

Shining like diamonds littered with droplets in the sun

Hanging, strung in the queerest places

So beautiful, it seems there should be someone different crafting these inginious masterpeices

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free verse poetry

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